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10 Country Songs About Second Chances In Love Just When You Thought The Flame’s Gone

Let’s face it; love will always be such a complicated thing. We’re pretty sure you had your heart broken at some point in your life – perhaps even twice. And sometimes, you can’t help but hold on a little too long to your failed relationship, hoping and wishing there’s still one more shot to make it work. Well, whatever situation you are in, you will definitely vibe to this playlist of country songs about second chances in love.

Whether you are looking for moving on and trying again country tracks or overcoming past mistakes in country love songs, there’s definitely something that you would relate to when love reignites between you and your lover just when you thought the flame had nearly burned out.

Without further ado, we’re giving you some of the best country songs about second chances in love. So, prepare to blast those speakers and remind yourself what amazing things second chances can do.

1. Austin by Blake Shelton

There are indeed plenty of songs about learning from mistakes and giving love another shot in country music, and Blake Shelton’s “Austin” is one of our favorites. 

The romantic ballad tells the story of a woman who left her boyfriend without a word. He figured she had gone back to Austin because she talked about it all the time. Nearly a year later, she gave him a ring. Lucky for her, she was greeted by an outgoing message on his answer machine, saying, “If this is Austin, I still love you.”

2. Come a Little Closer by Dierks Bentley

Dierks Bentley released one of the best country songs about rebuilding relationships in 2005. “Come a Little Closer” was the second single off his album Modern Day Drifter. In the song, Bentley is on the edge of letting go of the relationship he used to revel in, but he believes there is nothing that love can’t fix. So, he’s asking his lover to take a chance on him, and together, they will make things right.

3. Together Again by Emmylou Harris

Emmylou Harris got one of the best country songs about love redemption out there. In the song, Harris got her lover back in her arms again – ending her teary and lonely nights. “The love that we knew is living again. And nothing else matters ’cause we’re together again,” Harris sings.

4. Not a Day Goes By by Lonestar

Country songs about taking a chance on love again have always captured country fans’ hearts. Take, for instance, Lonestar’s “Not a Day Goes By,” which reached No. 3 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart

The song tells the story of a man struggling to move on through a breakup. He even finds himself still waiting for the phone to ring in the middle of the night, thinking she might call him, hoping he’d get a second chance in love.

5. Another Try by Josh Turner

Regret and redemption in country ballads is another favorite of the genre, and one that stands out the most is Josh Tuner’s “Another Try.”  In the song, Turner expresses doing whatever it takes to bring back his lover who has left him. He’s even willing to undo his past actions and reverse his mistakes just to get a second opportunity to start their relationship all over again.

The heartrending ballad also features harmony vocals from Trisha Yearwood. 

6. Second Chance by Trisha Yearwood

There’s nothing better than healing old wounds with country love. Sometimes, love comes along and offers your heart a chance to move on. All you have to do is reach for the moment before it slips by. That’s what this song is all about.

7. Bringing Back the Sunshine by Blake Shelton

Forgiving and starting over country songs never fail to make our hearts flutter. For instance, Blake Shelton’s “Bringing Back the Sunshine” proves that love knows a way back despite the storms and pouring rain.

8. Always On My Mind by Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson released one of the most classic songs about hope and forgiveness in country music. “Always On My Mind,” tells the story of a man who admits he did not do the things he should have done to show his love for his woman. 

However, while he never took the time to do and say the little things he should have, she never left his mind. Now, he’s hoping her sweet love hasn’t died and asking her to give him one more chance to keep her satisfied.

9. Found You by Kane Brown

If you’re looking for country songs about giving love a second chance, here’s Kane Brown’s “Found You.” Brown wrote this haunting ballad alongside Brock Berryhill, Jared Mullins, and Taylor Phillips and said it was influenced by his relationship with then-fiancée now-wife, Katelyn.

“Found You,” tells the story of a man who met the love of his life at a random house party he didn’t even want to go to after suffering an immense heartbreak. If you’re waiting for signs of hope in love, this is it!

10. We Were in Love by Toby Keith

Written by Chuck Cannon and Allen Shamblin, “We Were in Love” tells a story of a man wishing to build a time machine and return to a time when he and his lover were only seventeen. He reminisces about their sweet old moments, so he’s asking her if they could find a way to bring back those days.

Well, who doesn’t want songs about reconciling and rekindling love? After all, love is sweeter the second time around. So, what are you waiting for? Play these country songs about second chances in love, and look for one that you relate to the most.


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