January 26

Lonestar’s “Not A Day Goes By”: A Love That Lingers Each Day

Lonestar's "Not A Day Goes By": A Love That Lingers Each Day 1

On Falling In Love and Failed Relationship

One day, you found someone and fell in love. As days go by, your affection for each other grew stronger. The next thing you knew, you’re both on top of the world celebrating your relationship. Then unexpectedly, a shattered world appeared before your very eyes as you found your loved one gone. How you wished everything’s just a dream. But every time you open your eyes, you realized the pain is real. For each passing day, you find it difficult to go on with your life without your significant other. But whether you like it or not, your life must go on. Difficult as it may seem, drawing strength from your past love may somehow help you out.

The song below is something that everyone who experienced the above will easily relate to. It’s undeniably a poignant song but its melody is likewise pleasant to the ears.

Few Facts About The Song

Recorded by American country music band Lonestar, “Not A Day Goes By” is the group’s third single for their album I’m Already There. The record was released in January 2002. As far as the song’s chart performance is concerned, it peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart.

Thinking about loss and the difficulty experienced from losing somebody in a relationship, songwriters Maribeth Derry and Steve Diamond penned the song in 2001. The tune also conveys a message regarding the loss of a loved one who passed away. While working with Lonestar, the two songwriters thought the group was the one who could best deliver the tune. Their instincts didn’t fail them given the track’s success after its release.

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Lonestar, Maribeth Derry, Steve Diamond

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