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Josh Turner’s “Another Try”: If there is a Second Chance

A well-known figure in the music industry for many years, Joshua Otis Turner, also known by his stage name, Josh Turner, has always been the talk of the town. His incredible talent as a country gospel singer and overflowing passion for his craft has won many hearts.

Songs like “Your Man” and “Would You Go with Me” are just a couple of the chart-topping songs he has recorded. He also keeps producing songs for listeners to enjoy, as he did in 2008 when he released the song “Another Try,” which is recognized as one of Josh Turner’s greatest hits.

Jeremy Spillman and Chris Stapleton wrote the song. Trisha Yearwood also contributes to the song, blending her harmonic voice into a moving melody that appeals to a broad audience. The second single from his third album, Everything is Fine, released in 2008, was the song “Another Try.” 

In this song, Josh Turner expresses his grief at taking things for granted. The song charted, peaking at position 15 on the US Hot Country Songs list (Billboard).

Meaning Behind the Song 

The majority of listeners will always look forward to songs about love. And that’s very much the case in this Josh Turner song. But what’s the underlying message that draws in the listeners?

The protagonist of “Another Try” only communicates his desire for his ex to return. He wanted to win her back by making the mistakes he had made in the past, right? 

Even though he made a list of all his transgressions, he ultimately could not win back his lover. After all, if it were you, would you still accept the person who hurt you and accept them wholeheartedly all over again? Most probably not. 

So if you want to check out Josh Turner’s ‘Another Try,’ you can check out the remastered music video below.


Josh Turner

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