January 5

Turning A Bad Past Into A Masterpiece in Stella Parton’s ‘Survivor’ Album

Many Stella Parton fans rejoiced when she announced the release of her new magnificent album, “Survivor,” in 2018. The record was claimed to be her gift to her followers and herself for being able to stay in the industry for so long.

Parton self-produced the ten-song project, which she recorded with Mike Loudermilk. Some of Stella Parton‘s original compositions, such as “I Ain’t Leavin’ ‘Til I’m Even,” appear on Survivor, including a collaboration she made with Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame member Wayne Carson who wrote the hit song “Always On My Mind.”

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The album includes songs addressing a variety of societal issues, including drug usage, Alzheimer’s disease, and even divorce. But what makes this album so special to Stella is that she felt it was vital to acknowledge her traumatic past when composing the songs for her Survivor Album. Since according to her, acknowledging one’s bad past is one step closer to healing.

And since many people can empathize with her situation, as we’ve all been through something horrible ourselves before. This album just honors that sensation, making it one of Stella Parton’s best album releases of all time. 

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So, if you want to listen to the songs on this magnificent album, you won’t be sorry if you listen to the tracks listed below.

  1. Wake Me Up
  2. It Can Be an Illusion
  3. Valley of Desire
  4. Forget Me Not
  5. The Last Rose of Summer
  6. Crazy Cradle of Love
  7. Dirty Rotten Dog
  8. Like a Rock
  9. I Ain’t Leavin Til I’m Even
  10. I Press On

We hope you’ve saved some new tunes from Stella Parton’s “Survivor” album to listen to. Please feel free to share these great songs with others in order to spread joy to everyone. 


Stella Parton

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