July 29

Josh Turner and Sonya Isaacs’ Wonderful Rendition of “I Saw the Light” at the Opry

Josh Turner has a strong affiliation with gospel music. In this performance, he is joined by country icon Sonya Isaacs, and they performed a wonderful version of this Hank Williams classic.

The classic song “I Saw the Light” has been performed a couple of times by various musicians. Some notable artists who covered the song were Roy Acuff, Merle Haggard, Bill Monroe, a duet of Willie Nelson & Leon Russell, and many more. Josh and Sonya’s performance was the most recent rendition of the song and it was done at the Opry.

Josh Turner and Sonya Isaacs Share the Stage

Josh Turner has the perfect voice for a gospel tune. There is honesty to the sound that he makes and it perfectly blended with Sonya Isaacs‘ voice. The performance started with Turner and his guitar until he was joined by Sonya during the chorus part. Their performance gave justice to the song as they stuck to the original arrangement and melody. Sometimes, musicians tend to rearrange the song and change the notes but this classic hit should be done the way that Hank did it.

Seeing the Light

The gospel tune was inspired by a story of Hank and his mother while they were driving home. Lillie, Hank’s mother, was trying to wake a sleeping Hank and she said: “I just saw the light” as they passed by a streetlight indicating that they are close to home. The country legend wrote the first draft back in 1947. It was not a commercial hit at first but this became one of Hank’s famous track.

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The song was ranked first by Country Music Television in their 20 Greatest Songs of Faith in 2005. It also got a biopic film back in 2015 where it starred MCU actors Tom Hiddleston, and Elizabeth Olsen.

Watch Josh Turner and Sonya Isaacs’ Performance here:


Josh Turner, Sonya Isaacs

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