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Five Country Songs on The Voice That Turned Judges’ Chairs 

The Voice is a global singing competition where aspiring singers, young and old, battle with each other to vie for the championship. The champions receive contracts as a price and a chance to establish their names in the music industry. Let’s look at the aspiring singers who sang famous country songs on The Voice and made judges turn their chairs.

Your Man by Josh Turner

The moment the man behind the green curtain sang a few notes of Josh Turner’s “Your Man,” everyone’s jaws dropped.

Alexander Eder knew exactly how to capture the attention of the judges and audience by hitting (and definitely slaying) the first notes of “Your Man.” His deep voice shocked the judges and made the audience stand up and clap along with the music.

He received cheers and excited howls from the audience as the song progressed. The judges continued to contemplate pressing the button, and towards the end, two judges turned their chairs with smiles plastered on their faces.

Two judges, who surely hoped for more, were disappointed not because of Alexander’s performance but because they didn’t get the chance to press the button earlier.

I Want to Be a Cowboy’s Sweetheart by Patsy Montana

Not only are the contestants the competitive ones in The Voice, but so are the judges.

As Rachel Messer opens “I Want to Be a Cowboy’s Sweetheart,” the audience joins her on their feet, clapping along to her song. The first to press the button and turn is Kelly Clarkson. Backstage, Rachel’s parents gasped in shock and awe when Kelly’s chair turned during the first part of the song.

Snippets of the judges enjoying Rachel’s singing flash on the screen. Kelly enjoys the performance as she smiles and claps along to the beat. At one point, Kelly stood up and jammed together with Rachel.

During the song’s yodeling part, the camera pans to Blake Shelton, who knits his eyebrows in focus. He glances at Kelly as the latter mouths not to press the button, yet Blake still presses and turns his chair. Rachel smiles at the end of her performance while Kelly shouts at Blake in disbelief.

So if you thought The Voice was a competition only for the contestants, then you are dead wrong because the judges are equally as competitive.

Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd

Another one of the hit country songs that turned the judges’ chairs on The Voice is “Sweet Home Alabama” by Lynyrd Skynyrd. A contestant on The Voice Thailand performed the song with everything he got and threw in a bit of guitar shredding while he was at it.  

One judge turned when he hit the chorus, and another turned when he belted the high note. The contestant’s family clapped in excitement when the judges pressed the button. The audience, too, enjoyed the contestant’s performance as they cheered for him when he ended the song with a beaming smile.

If I Die Young by The Band Perry

As Chevel Sheperd sings the first part of “If I Die Young,” Kelly Clarkson is again the first judge to press the button and turn. She’s excited when she sees Chevel and sways her body to sing along with Chevel.

When the song gets to the chorus, Blake Shelton turns with a smile plastered on his face as he sees Chevel. When viewers thought Blake was the last one to turn, Jennifer Hudson pressed the button as if she was waiting for that one note from Chevel that made her decide to turn.

Shallow, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

Starting with the mellow strings of the guitar, Chynna Taylor soulfully sings “Shallow” by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.

During the first part, the judges were laser-focused on Chynna’s voice. All of them were squinting as they were curious and eager to hear more of her singing.

As soon as Chynna hits the high note of the chorus, three judges immediately press the button to turn their chairs in hopes of having Chynna on their team. Before Chynna reaches the song’s bridge, another judge turns, the audience erupts into cheers, and Chynna sings as four judges anticipate her following notes.

Chynna ends “Shallow” with a calm, low note as the audience goes up on their feet to applaud her performance.

There you have it; these are our five picks for country songs that made judges turn their chairs in The Voice. 


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