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July 1, 2021


July 1, 2021


July 1, 2021

Singer-songwriter Kane Brown and wife Katelyn Jae had one whirlwind romance, getting engaged just months after they started dating. Everything may have moved so quickly for this couple, but they are definitely in it together for the long haul. And they will soon celebrate three years of marriage with their little family of three. 

So, let’s take a quick step back, rewind, and replay their whirlwind of a love story and also get to know more about Katelyn Jae. 

First Chapter: The Instagram DM 

Kane Brown is an American singer-songwriter who was first known through social media. He released his first EP back in 2015 with a follow-up single, “Used to Love You Sober.” And it was during this time that he was just starting to make a name for himself in the industry that he met Katelyn Jae.

In an interview with Taylor Magazine, Jae dished out how they met through music. Back then, she was living in Orlando, Florida and working on her music career. (Yes, you heard it right. Jae is also a singer!) And both Kane and her were working with the same producer at the time. The producer got a hold of Kane, who was doing a show at the time, and invited him to the studio in Miami where Jae worked to introduce them to each other. And hopefully, they could work and collaborate with each other. 

Brown was actually supposed to feature in Jae’s music video, but the schedule didn’t work because the shooting of the music video was the same day as his show, his very first one back in 2015. Then a year went by, Brown signed with RCA Nashville and released his first EP with them titled “Chapter 1,” and later that year, his self-titled first full-length album. During one of his shows, the producer they both worked with brought Jae with him. She clearly didn’t want to come, but there she was. 

The two met, but they didn’t talk at all. Brown recalled maybe just saying ‘hey’ to her, but that was it, although he did find her very adorable. He just kept looking at her all night, but he never made a move. And the next day, he messaged her on Instagram asking when they were going to hang out. 

And the next thing that happened, he flew her down to Nashville for a dinner date, then they met some of his friends downtown. And she hasn’t left since then, and they were inseparable. Jae even joined Brown on tour with Florida Georgia Line sharing a bunk bed on a tour bus. 

The two kept their relationship under wraps until January 2017, when Kane made a lovely Facebook post announcing that he was in a relationship. 

Who is Kane Brown’s wife, Katelyn Jae?

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Katelyn Jae was born on June 19, 1992 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as Katelyn Krapf. There were hardly any details about her family except that she grew up in a middle-class one alongside two brothers in Chester Spring, Pennsylvania, and her parents divorced when she was young. 

At the age of 3, she loved singing using karaoke machines. And when she was in sixth grade, she sang a near perfect rendition of Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On,” prompting her parents to enroll her in vocal and piano classes. Then she attended Downingtown High School, where her aptitude in creative arts, especially music, became more evident. 

In 2008, she made it to the top five singers of the International Model and Talent Association conference. She is also featured among the 23 female US representative singers at the 2010-11 Avon Voices. But the biggest break that launched her career happened in 2012 when she won the maiden season of the popular web series singing competition ‘Take the Stage.’ Aside from the $20,000 prize, she also got a management contract with Wright Entertainment Group and YOBI.tv. And she was also able to train at the Florida compound music industry boot camp run by Johnny Wright. 

And in 2014, Jae released her ‘blockbuster’ music video for 24KT, which soon became one of her biggest hits. As of 2021, Katelyn Jae is estimated to have a net worth of $500,000. 

Second Chapter: Marriage and Their Little Family of Three

Brown initially wanted to surprise Jae with a romantic proposal that involved a lot of rose petals. But he just couldn’t wait, and he interestingly popped the question while they were watching ‘The Amityville Horror.’ 

In October 2018, the couple tied the knot in a traditional wedding in Franklin, Tennessee, in front of 200 guests, including closest friends and family. Then they decided to privately exchange personal letters where they had written their vows to each other. Although the ceremony was a rather intimate one, the couple shared glimpses of the wedding through one of Kane Brown songs, “Good as You.”

Then in April 2019, the couple announced they were pregnant through an Instagram post. And little did fans know that during Jae’s pregnancy, she was actually currently enrolled in music management courses at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. According to Jae, she felt that it would be both beneficial for them to study and understand the industry from the legal side to publishing and the creative parts of it as well. 

And on October 29, 2019, they finally welcomed their first child together. Kane Brown’s daughter Kingsley Rose Brown’s name came from their idea for a son’s name, which was Kingston, while Rose was from Katelyn’s side of the family. And they were definitely in love with her. 

Third Chapter: Living Life

With the pandemic that happened in 2020, Brown was actually able to spend more time with his family, and he definitely felt blessed just getting to see everything her daughter did and not missing any second. 

Kane Brown and wife Katelyn Jae are excited to watch their little girl grow, but they sure would like to add another member to their family. 


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