January 11

Killing Yourself Slowly in Zach Bryan’s Song “Letting Someone Go”

Zach Bryan, the one and only rising star, released another smash hit song called “Letting Someone Go” on his album DeAnn in 2019. Nothing beats a good breakup song to make any brokenhearted person even more broken.

And this is undoubtedly one of Zach Bryan’s songs that listeners will remember for the rest of their lives. “Letting Someone Go,” a poignant and incisive country breakup song, stands out from the rest. But we must also remember that Zach Bryan’s ability to transform his distinctive voice into a melancholy one in order to weave each word for this song together to create a masterpiece is what elevates the song to the level of art that it is.

And for that reason, for anyone wondering what’s the meaning behind the song. Then we have just the answer for you. 

Meaning Behind the Song 

No one has ever lived who hasn’t listened to at least one breakup song throughout their lifetime. And without a doubt, one of the finest country breakup songs is this one by Zach Bryan. The fact that this song is so profoundly honest is perhaps what strikes you the most.

The song is about a man who is simply expressing his feelings as a result of the pain a girl caused him following their breakup. And as we all know, letting go of someone you have loved so much isn’t that simple.

Especially when you have loved someone so real and open, no filters included. It just makes the process of moving on tougher, to the point where the narrator feels as though he is slowly killing himself through it.

Zach Bryan’s “Letting Someone Go” is an excellent breakup song, so if you’re in the mood for one, give it a listen. You just might feel the narrator’s suffering. Listen to the video down below.


Zach Bryan

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