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January 12, 2023


January 12, 2023


January 12, 2023

Zach Bryan continues to release songs with his name ringing throughout the music industry. A simple video recording turned into a massive hit, and from there, Bryan’s country music career blossomed like flowers in spring.

Family traditions had allowed Bryan to be part of the US Navy, where he used his spare time writing and slowly creating his masterpieces. On October 2021, he revealed that the US Navy honorably discharged him to pursue his passion for country music. His discharge was just in time for his fall tour, Ain’t For Tamin’.

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After his discharge, Zach Bryan released single after single; some even received multiple certifications from recording institutions. Some of his albums peaked at the highest spot on the country charts.

Read on to see if your favorite Zach Bryan song made it to the list.

1. Something in the Orange (American Heartbreak, 2022)

“Something in the Orange” landed Zach Bryan on the US Billboard Top Songwriters chart in the middle of 2022.

As the song talks about a glimpse of hope despite the pain and heartache, fans are delighted to hear Bryan’s voice as he sings with full emotions.

The song’s music video features videos sent by his fans and listeners worldwide that Bryan compiled. 

2. Heading South (Elisabeth, 2020)

“Heading South” in Bryan’s Elisabeth album in 2020 has continued to be one of his most streamed songs. The song has still proven its charm since the initial release of the raw video recording on YouTube.

The track has been certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and Music Canada.

3. Letting Someone Go (DeAnn, 2019)

Zach Bryan perfectly describes the pain of letting go in his song, “Letting Someone Go.” Released in his debut album, DeAnn, the track talks about loving someone special, missing them as they walk away, remembering the great times with each other, but ultimately letting them go.

4. Highway Boys (American Heartbreak, 2022)

Peaking at the 40th spot on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, the mellow rhythm, instrumentals, and vocals of “Highway Boys” were embedded into fans’ minds.

Positive feedback from fans and listeners includes their appreciation for the track’s release as it helped them through life and the accuracy of the song lyrics to which they can relate.

5. Condemned (DeAnn, 2019)

Due to the fans’ frenzy and curiosity, Zach Bryan took to Twitter to explain the inspiration and happenings while recording “Condemned.”

Bryan and his friend were heard laughing toward the end of the song because they couldn’t believe they had finished it. Bryan also revealed that he repeated the words condemned until he finally wrote the lines of the chorus.

6. Burn, Burn, Burn (All My Homies Hate Ticketmaster, 2022)

“Burn, Burn, Burn,” and its unusual structure struck the fans instantly, along with Bryan’s singing. The track was written by Bryan, together with Eddie Spear.

The song speaks about Bryan’s goals and desires. Even though he gets to enjoy living in peace, he wants to live life while experiencing joy and pain simultaneously, knowing he will one day become one with the ground.

7. Mine Again (American Heartbreak, 2022)

The soft strumming of the guitar and Zach Bryan’s voice in “Mine Again” has fans and listeners in deep reflection.

One of Bryan’s listeners even chose “Mine Again” as the song that hit hard among the 34 songs of American Heartbreak. The interpretation even said the song is about a man trying to come to terms with his bad habits and eventually learning through the rough times he went.

8. From Austin (American Heartbreak, 2022)

“From Austin” seems mellow initially, but as soon as Bryan sings the first words, you might want to clutch your heart because the ache radiates through you.

The song has been certified gold by Music Canada and peaked at the #9 spot on the US Billboard Hot Rock and Alternative Songs chart.

9. Late July (American Heartbreak, 2022)

Accompanied by the banjo, Bryan’s “Late July” seems to talk about the well-yet-regret-tinged wishes of a man to everyone else.

The song’s harmony makes it feel like a goodbye song. The lyrics also hint at the parting words as the man in the song continues to head down the path he’s taking. The fans appreciated the music video for “Late July” as it showed clips of Bryan’s life as he traveled through beautiful landscapes and adventures and spent time with his band.

10. Sun to Me (American Heartbreak, 2022)

Bryan’s “Sun to Me” sends the sweetest message to the lovers out there listening to the song.

The song’s lyrics seem like a profession of love and commitment; they speak about the love language, acts of service, like staying even though the legs become numb and walking them home.

The short track is enough to make hearts melt as the man in the song realizes the importance of the woman to him.

11. God Speed (DeAnn, 2019)

“God Speed” touches on the strength and character of the person in this Zach Bryan song. As Bryan goes on, he’s confident he can reach his goals, knowing God and his mama are there for him always.

12. Heavy Eyes (American Heartbreak, 2022)

Bryan’s “Heavy Eyes” is about cherishing, remembering, and spending time with your buddies and close friends as you chug down beer bottles. Peaking at the 12th spot on the US Billboard Hot Rock and Alternative Songs chart, Bryan’s raspy voice complements the fast pace of the track.

13. Oklahoma City (American Heartbreak, 2022)

Zach Bryan wrote and recorded “Oklahoma City” as a tribute to his late granddad and a friend. Fans couldn’t hide their surprise when Bryan dropped a studio version of the song, leaving them awestruck and their heartstrings pulled.

14. Quiet, Heavy Dreams (Quiet, Heavy Dreams, 2020)

“Quiet, Heavy Dreams” holds quite a painful experience that most of us might have been through; dreaming about something or someone we’re bound not to have after all.

Fans have yearned to listen to Bryan’s song for a long time; surely, listening to it was worth the wait.

15. November Air (All My Homies Hate Ticketmaster, 2022)

Zach Bryan’s “November Air” lyrics hit you hard and right on the chest.

Fans have speculated theories about the possible timeline of the songs in the album; “November Air” is the part where the man says goodbye to his mom before fleeing because of the crime he committed.

With his calm, soothing, and raspy voice to his perfect songwriting talent, Zach Bryan is out here to release more of his music that will leave you wanting more.


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