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April 14, 2021


April 14, 2021


April 14, 2021

Faith Hill Songs is iconic, and it’s the same with her song “Breathe” which is always on her top tunes of all time. Before getting hitched to Tim McGraw, the country star has made a name for herself in the music industry. Nonetheless, it’s time to focus on her hit track “Breathe” and how the song shot her to crossover fame.

Sexy Song Of 2000

No one can argue that Faith Hill is not only talented but beautiful as well. With her blonde hair, slim frame, beautiful dark brown eyes, and sexy smize, Faith knows how to work her physical asset. This was evident in the music video of “Breathe” that helped her become famous in country-pop music.

In this song, the famous country songstress sings about experiencing how her lover’s intimate moments feel like. Being in his arms makes the woman forget about the world, especially when his breath washes over. There’s no need for words when they’re together, as his touch is enough to send her walls tumbling down.

Faith Hill’s “Breathe” was released in October of 1999, and during that time, she’s already been married to Tim McGraw, who’s also a famous country singer. It didn’t take long to figure out how the hit track took inspiration from the couple’s intimacy. Fans can even sense the overflowing love the two have for each other on and off the industry.

Moreover, the country singer-songwriter Stephanie Bentley and Holly Lamar wrote the song. They have also worked for Martina McBride and Tim McGraw, respectively. Besides the suggestive lyrics that paint intimate scenes, the song’s official music video helped boost it on the charts.

Faith showed her sexy charisma in her music video. Clad in either a white silk gown or only in white sheets while lying in bed, she sings her heart out to reminisce the affection she experienced. It even ranked number 4 in 2008 for CMT’s 100 Great Videos. Yes, it was the first time music lovers have seen her sultry side, which became one of her most controversial videos. The epochal scenes were shot in the desert.

Breathe by Faith Hill Performance

It looks like number seven is Faith Hill’s lucky number for “Breathe” on the US Hot Country Songs chart. It spent six weeks at number one from December 1999 to January 20000. Despite only peaking at number 2, it still sealed the number-one pop single of 2000.’s Bill Lamb made a positive remark describing it as a classic power ballad. It secured ranked number 167 on their Blender’s Greatest Songs Since You Were Born list.

This is one of Faith Hill songs that successfully shot the country star to crossover fame. Watch the sultry video of Breathe by Faith Hill below.


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