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Kimber Eastwood: 5 Interesting Facts About Clint Eastwood’s Daughter

As one of Clint Eastwood’s kids, Kimber Eastwood knows that eyes are always on her. Everyone loves his famous father in his career and personal life; that’s why his children do their best to live up to their name. If you want to get to know Kimber more, you can read some interesting facts below.

She’s a Gemini

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Kimber Lynn Eastwood was born on June 17, 1964, which makes her a Gemini. According to her star sign, Geminis are known as charismatic, versatile, intelligent, and youthful. Her mother is Roxanne Tunis, who’s an ex-actress and stuntwoman turned transcendental meditation teacher. Meanwhile, she has paternal half-siblings on her father’s side, which was about 7 children.

Kimber Eastwood was an all-around career woman

Her first job was as an actress, and she made her debut in the 1989 film The Freeway Maniac. After that project, she went on to play a White House tour guide in the 1997 film Absolute Power. She did more films before Kimber decided to add film and TV makeup artists to her name. This new position of Clint Eastwood’s daughter began in 2004 for the movie Dawn of the Friend. The beautiful lady has a 15-year long stint as a makeup artist for the TV series Wheel of Fortune and worked with Duane’ Dog’ Chapman in 2009 for the show Dog the Bounty Hunter

Besides diving into acting and the art of makeup, Kimber also produced films like Rapture in 2014. She has made numerous films and television shows since then.

Kimber Lynn has a significant net worth

Thanks to her famous father, Kimber had a lot of opportunities to grow in the entertainment industry. She has been working since 1989 and earned so much for the past decades. Kimber Eastwood’s net worth is $3 million as of 2020.

She’s been married three times

Anthony Gaddie was her first husband from 1983 to 1990. Interestingly, when Kimber married her second husband, Douglas McCartney, it was the same year she got divorced from Anthony. But the marriage was short-lived. Kimber Lynn has been married to her third husband, Shawn Midkiff, since October 18, 2014.

In terms of offsprings, she only has one son named Clinton Eastwood Gaddie, born on February 21, 1984.

She had an honorary day

One of Kimber’s most significant achievements is having a day named after her in Buffalo city. The exciting news was announced on Twitter on June 28, 2015.

Kimber Eastwood is a person fans of her father and siblings can look up to as she has turned opportunities in her life into gold. In the end, everyone can learn a thing or two from the known first child of Clint Eastwood.


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