January 11

An Irony in Zach Bryan’s “Condemned”

In 2019, American singer-songwriter Zach Bryan released “Condemned,” and fans were trying their hardest to get answers to their questions.

The song is part of his album, DeAnn.

Meaning Behind the Song

Zach Bryan‘s “Condemned” talks about loneliness despite the presence of people around him. 

The song’s lyrics always revert to being alone in the end after all the laughter, debt, alcohol, and love that he experienced. 

“Condemned” is among Zach Bryan’s songs that showcase his songwriting and singing talent and how sharing the same passion with someone else is as enjoyable as it seems.

How It Was Created

Zach Bryan’s songwriting ability has captured fans’ hearts all over the world, and when he released “Condemned,” everyone was curious about Bryan’s inspiration to write the song.

Bryan took to Twitter to explain his side that inspired the masterpiece.

In his thread of tweets, he first said that he repeated the word condemned and eventually used it during the first lines of the chorus.

Zach Bryan said they were even “drunk as hell” when they recorded “Condemned.” Towards the song’s last part, Bryan and his friend burst out laughing because they had finished recording the piece.

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The track was the last song in the album they finished.

Life’s spontaneity often spawns ideas that are worth trying out. In Zach Bryan’s case, he repeated condemned a few times, and a song was born in a matter of time. Fans were delighted to have him explain how he created the music with his buddy and how ecstatic they were when they finished the recording.

Don’t miss Zach Bryan and his friend’s laughing fit in the song below.


Zach Bryan

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