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Precious Time With Precious People: Old Crow Medicine Show’s “Paint This Town”

In Old Crow Medicine Show’s “Paint This Town,” you can’t help but remember the good old times when you were still young and free.

The band’s seventh album with the same name as the first track, “Paint This Town,” was recorded by Old Crow Medicine Show during spring. The full-length album featured 12 songs and was released on the 22nd of April, 2022.

What The Song Is About

When asked what Old Crow Medicine Show’s “Paint This Town” means, frontman Ketch Secor explains that it is all about having fun and living in a small town. He also said that the band draws inspiration from places where water tanks have the place’s name on them and where gas stations and food houses are the areas to spend time with people. Secor called those areas the elemental American sites.

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The song starts with the instant feel of country music; the banjo, guitars, drums, and harmonica all blend perfectly together. The boys’ vocals capture the feeling of what country music sounds like. The way their voices blend is just perfection, the perfect sound of country music. The catchy melody stays in your head until you sing it again and again.

Their YouTube music video is already over the 300 thousand mark and still counting. The boys in the video show the joy and freedom they cherished when they were still teenagers who want to go on adventures that they want to remember. They sneak out of the house, buy drinks without proper IDs (don’t do this, people), and go party.

“Paint This Town” is one of Old Crow Medicine Show’s songs that makes you want to reflect and bring back the incredible memories you had with your closest friends.

Listen together with your friends and watch their music video below.


Old Crow Medicine Show

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