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What You Didn’t Know About Old Crow Medicine Show

The iconic group Old Crow Medicine Show was founded in 1998. They were renowned for being innovative, particularly when it came to sparking interest in the String Band tradition.

When a bunch of primary teens departed Ithaca, New York to travel through Canada and perform their way to the Pacific, the band had its start. They encountered a distinctive nation along the route that sounded both exotic and at home. They understood right away they had something extraordinary at that very moment.

Old Crow Medicine Show currently has six members, namely:

  1. Ketch Secor – frontman, cigar box guitar, harmonica, banjo, fiddle, guitar
  2. Morgan Jahnig – upright bass
  3. Cory Younts – keyboards, vocals, harmonica, mandolin
  4. Jerry Pentecost – vocals, washboard, mandolin, drums
  5. Mike Harris – dobro, mandolin, banjo, guitar, vocals
  6. Mason Via – guitar, vocals

However, the band used to have ten original members named: Joe Andrews, Critter Fuqua, Ben Gould, Kevin Hayes, Matt Kinman, Gill Landry, Chance McCoy, Robert Price, Willie Watson, and Charlie Worsham.

Back in 2011, the founding members made an official announcement of their hiatus. The group did, however, reunite, but it was already clear that there would undoubtedly be significant changes.

But what distinguishes Old Crow Medicine Show from other musical acts? With their impassioned hollers and rambles, the band brings the past into the present. They utilize music to express messages that many people wished to communicate but were unable to.

Over the years, Old Crow Medicine Show has been able to create a number of excellent and moving albums. O.C.M.S, which debuted in 2004, is the most well-known of all of them. But there is another artist—a writer—behind every record.

The ensemble reportedly didn’t perform any songs they had composed in the beginning, instead drawing on a variety of pre-war jug bands, string bands, minstrel shows, blues, and folk music. The band was able to stand out from the sea of other string bands, though, as they began to craft their own unique masterpiece. And while doing so, they sparkle like diamonds in the process.

Old Crow Medicine Show managed to sustain their fame over the following several years while touring. The band still has more than 1 million Spotify listeners as of 2022, making them a notable band. The most well-known of Old Crow Medicine Show songs is still Wagon Wheel. In 2022, the band released a new album with 11 standout tracks.

Old Crow Medicine Show will undoubtedly continue to thrive in the music industry even after many years. Listeners’ bodies will definitely continue to carry the warmth and joy that their music imparts. Having said that, hopefully, you’ve learned a few things about the Old Crow Medicine show that not everyone is aware of. It’s now your turn to spread the word about it.


Old Crow Medicine Show

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