July 23

Bluebird: Miranda Lambert and Brendan McLoughlin’s Marriage Manual

In these trying times, situations are more like make or break especially now that we can only be with a limited number of people. Naturally, we’re stuck with our families, our children, or spouses. And let’s face one hard reality, not all couples feel the same vibe as their partners which makes this lockdown a make or break to some.

Many celebrities and well-known couples have been getting onto each other’s bad side, but not with today’s feature. For Miranda Lambert and Brendan McLoughlin, a rather ‘golden’ bond was formed between them this quarantine season.

How McLoughlin Takes the Lead in their Marriage

Remember Miranda Lambert’s wildcard hit song, Bluebird? Well apparently, its straightforward message and non-dramatic lyrics feature her great optimism toward things and about remaining simple. In the case of her marriage to Brendan McLoughlin, this song could act up as a manual for their relationship.

“If the house just keeps on winning / I got a wildcard up my sleeve / If love keeps giving me lemons / I just mix them in my drink,” says Lambert’s ‘Bluebird’ chorus.

Fortunately for Brendan McLoughlin, Miranda’s 18-month husband, his hobbies are pretty simple, too. He loves cleaning! They actually developed a whole routine that revolves around some action and cleaning afterward. It’s like “cook, clean, do something, clean…” but the greatest part about the routine they developed is the fact that they’re having fun.

But their fun doesn’t end there. Another factor that made the couple’s bond so outstanding is that McLoughlin is an ever supportive of a husband. He likes what Lambert does, and tends to avoid getting in her way.

How Optimism and Space Tune Up their Relationship

As an artist who tours a lot for most parts of the year, Lambert admits that she missed hitting the road so much that she and her husband decided to have an ‘addition to the family’, a Sheriff, or one of those vintage trailers she loves collecting so much.

She also posted on Instagram how her husband is the most amazing travel companion, and with them letting go of one of their older vintage trucks to make a home for the Sheriff. Apparently, Miranda Lambert and Brendan McLoughlin’s quality time together helped a great deal as the singer embraces the change she’s been going through including the sudden halt of her career and that involving the trailer.

See how this couple work things out? Just like her song, ‘Bluebird,’ Miranda Lambert and Brendan McLoughlin steer clear from drama and they remain straightforward with each other. Their recipe for marital success is simple: mutual respect. Even though they’ve only been married for 18 months, Miranda Lambert and Brendan McLoughlin remain to be most cautious about invading each other’s personal spaces. They give each other room to breathe and of course, it would be better if that space is clean.


Brendan McLoughlin, Miranda Lambert

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