January 11

The Want and Longingness in “Quiet, Heavy Dreams” by Zach Bryan

Fans have been talking about Zach Bryan’s “Quiet, Heavy Dreams” since its release.

On November 2020, Bryan released “Quiet, Heavy Dreams” with a track of the same name. The release prompted fans and critics to give their thoughts about the album; everything has been bright and cheerful so far.

Meaning Behind the Song

Zach Bryan tweets that the cover for “Quiet, Heavy Dreams” was a metaphor for the song, as the man longs for things he always dreamed of but will never have.

Longing and wanting someone is the whole thought of “Quiet, Heavy Dreams.” The man in the song works long shifts as he dreams of a place to rest quickly.

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The lyrics tell the man is trying hard to be with the woman in his dreams; whether she exists in real life or not, he is determined to get the woman and make her his.

Eventually, as the man continues to long for the woman in his dreams, he grows homesick for a woman he hasn’t even seen. Yet despite that doubt, he assures himself that he can feel her presence still through the woods.

It might not be very reassuring to realize that what you truly want isn’t for you, but as the man in the song still hopes to see the woman in his dreams, he reminds us to stay positive despite the odds.

“Quiet, Heavy Dreams” is one of Zach Bryan’s songs that is worth listening to after the long wait. It was even dubbed by fans as one of his “greatest songs” that “helped them get through.”

Check out Zach Bryan’s hit song right here.


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