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“I’m Moving On,” A Hit that Launched Hank Snow’s Career


Hank Snow is one of the few Canadian country artists that made it to the mainstream American audience. It was hard for a non-American artist to break into the country music scene but the country singer succeeded with the release of his hit song “I’m Moving On.” He branded his music career with traveling songs because of the early struggles he had in his life. Growing up, especially in the great depression era, Hank’s family was very poor.

“I’m Moving On,” A Hit from Hank Snow

He was still not known to the general country music fans even when he released some of his songs. This was the case until he released his first hit “I’m Moving On,” which eventually landed at number one, and staying there for a full 21 weeks. It was a record-breaker at that time and it was often played on the radio. This eventually helped the Canadian singer ascend to the top of the charts with consistent number 1’s.

hank snow, i'm moving on
via YouTube

Hank Snow also delivered the song in a light and fun way. The performance embodied the spirit of the song and that is what makes Hank one of the best classic country singers of his time.

Lyrics Breakdown

To keep movin’ me on, keep rollin’ on
You’re gonna ease my mind, put me there on time
And keep rollin’ on

The song celebrates the end of a bad relationship with a cheating lover. As the lyrics suggest, there is that sense of relief because he was finally let go by his cheating lover. Don’t we all want that? Don’t we want to get away from a toxic relationship and be on our own because it is an empowering feeling? It gives us the independence that we badly want and the song “I’m Moving On” reminds us of that.

The man in a relationship has always been in deep thought on how to get away from the relationship. When it finally happened, all of the tension was finally released and he can be happy again. We can just hope that his next relationship would not be worse than his previous one.

Listen to “I’m Moving On” here: