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Celebrating Hank Snow’s Birthday Today, A Canadian Country Legend


Hank Snow is one of the few Canadian country artists that made it to the mainstream American audience. In here, we will look at the ups and downs of the career of the Canadian singer.

hank snow
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Hank Snow’s Journey as A Country Artist

If you want to break in the thick walls of fame, you have to establish your own style. When it comes to music, establishing your unique way of performing helps a lot in gaining an audience and selling records.

For Hank Snow, he branded his music career with traveling songs. This was because of the early struggles he had in his life. Growing up, especially in the great depression era, Hank’s family was very poor.

He had to run away from his home in Nova Scotia, Canada and joined the Merchant Marines. He worked as a cabin boy and laborer for four years. While working, his mother gave him records of Jimmy Rodgers making him want to pursue music.

Hank Snow’s Hits

All starting artists don’t get it right on their first try. This is the same with Hank Snow as he started his career. He was well loved by his Canadian audience, but not as much as the American public. His hit songs were “The Prisoned Cowboy” and “Lonesome Blue Yodel.”

It all changed when he met Ernest Tubb who introduced him to the Grand Ole Opry. They met at the Big D Jamboree in Dallas, Texas where Hank is performing. But even with this, he was still not known to the general country music fans.

hank snow
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Not until he released his first hit “I’m Moving On” which eventually landed at number one, and staying there for a full 21 weeks. This eventually helped the Canadian singer ascend to the top of the charts with consistent number 1’s.

Snow did not stay inside his comfort zone. He also tried other styles such as country boogie, Hawaiian music, rhumbas, and cowboys songs.

Sadly, he was stricken with a respiratory illness and died on December 20, 1999, at the age of 85.

Let us celebrate his birthday by listening to a collection of his songs here:


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