January 20

Kid Rock Honors The Nation’s Military In Tribute Song “Warrior”

Kid Rock‘s “Warrior” proves the singer is proudly supporting the military members and is taking a profound stance on politics. 

Rock recorded “Warrior,” considering the men and women who selflessly put the lives of others before their own. It is accompanied by a captivating music video to honor those who fight, serve, and protect the country.

The singer opened the song in the most chilling scream you’ll ever hear as he directly addressed listeners when he sang, “So don’t tell me who’s wrong or right when liberty starts slipping away, and if you ain’t gonna fight, get out of the way.”

The rock song is filled with heavy guitar, and drum beats combined with the singer’s raspy and intimidating voice. It went on with, “And they call me warrior. They call me loyalty. And they call me ready to go, believe and help whenever you need me to be. I’m an American warrior.”

The short clip for the song – which was actually for a National Guard advertising campaign – not only portrays military members in heroic encounters and their day-to-day sacrifices, but it also features a special guest appearance, Dale Earnhardt Jr., by NASCAR’s one and only.

Get To Know More About Kid Rock’s Political Views

Kid Rock, whose real name is Robert James Ritchie, is a vocal supporter of the American military, especially those who took part during the Iraq War. As a philanthropist, Ritchie manages The Kid Rock Foundation. This charity aims to raise funds for multiple causes, such as campaigns that sent “Kid Rock care packages” to U.S. military personnel assigned overseas.

So it was no longer a surprise when Rock was honored with the Patriot Award, presented to him by the nonprofit organization called Operation Troop Aid for his humanitarian work and admirable support in 2014.

Rock is also known to be Republican, even though he has regularly proclaimed himself as libertarian philosophically, saying he has socially liberal views on gay marriage and abortion. He has met Presidents Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump while in office.

Regarding his political views, Rock said, “I have friends everywhere. Democrat, Republican, this and the other. […] We’re all human beings first, Americans second, let’s find some common ground and get along.” During his speech at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony in 2018, he said that he wanted to “to bodyslam some Democrats.”

Indeed, Kid Rock absolutely has a bold stance on politics and our military in which he’s continued to address throughout his career. Tune in below for the singer’s impressive performance of “Warrior.”


Kid Rock

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