June 23

Standing Up against Abuse with Brantley Gilbert’s “Read Me My Rights”

Playing in a country music playlist, Brantley Gilbert’s “Read Me My Rights” is one of the songs that you would hear. The song talks about an abusive man who takes pleasure in hurting a woman but admitted that it was wrong and that he deserves to be locked up but would never make some effort to change his views. It calls for the law to take him down. For the “Bottoms Up” singer, it is a song that would encourage everyone to stand up against violence for women and children. But for some critiques, they interpreted it as the outburst of the singer’s bad boy self when part of the song mentioned that he would put the law on his hands.

“Read Me My Rights” by Brantley Gilbert was released on May 16, 2015.  It may not be something that all his followers may love to play on a relaxing day, but undeniably, this is one of Brantley Gilbert songs that is worth space in your playlist. It is one of the music on its Platinum album “Just as I am.”

In his concert in London, Brantley Gilbert’s “Read Me My Rights” is one of the songs in the line-up. Before singing it, he clarifies that the song is really about his hatred over violence against women and children. But he stands his ground that in case he sees a man put his hands on a woman, he would probably stomp his ass. No one would mess with his family. If one breaks into the house with his family in it, he will shot him, but he would act as a true southern gentleman when the policemen arrive and put his hands behind his back, and he would say, “Read me my rights.” The crowd screamed in agreement with his statement after singing the song.

You can watch the Live video of Brantley Gilbert’s “Read Me My Rights” below.


Brantley Gilbert

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