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Meet David Allan Coe’s Children: A Tell-Tale of His Infamous Fatherhood

David Allan Coe’s children have also made their way through the music industry. While it’s evident that they inherited his knack for singing/songwriting, his kids aren’t as keen when it comes to being an “outlaw.” His children maintained a good image on and off stage without their names being dragged in any incriminating topics like “racism.”

Here’s what we know about David Allan Coe‘s kids:

Tyler Mahan Coe

The eldest among the “Tennessee Whiskey” singer’s children is Tyler Coe. He was born on November 9, 1984. Tyler has played in his father’s band since he was 15.

In 2013, Tyler caught the press’s attention when he spoke about his father’s misbehaviors. He falsified the older Coe’s claim that his children left him for good after his accident in March. 

Beyond all the intriguing details in his family’s life, Tyler continues to run his podcast called Cocaine & Rhinestones. On this platform, he speaks about country music history. The first season debuted in 2017.

Shelli Coe

Shelli is another definition of the original country’s child. She was born and raised in Austin, all the while absorbing everything country music has to offer. As early as three years old, she appeared in her famous father’s album release, “Family Album.”

Her singing career also started when she began touring with DAC as one of his backup singers. After a while, she landed in clubs and radio, performing songs and doing voice-overs. 

She took time off from country music when she got married and raised a family. Less is known about her personal life. What people are sure about is that in 2006, she returned to the industry with her newfound energy for music.

Tanya Montana Coe

Tanya is a Nashville native and was raised by a single mother. Her motivation to help her mom led her to pursue music. However, she chose to walk a different path from his famous father. 

She got a degree from Middle Tennessee State University. As she landed on a well-paying job, she would only find herself writing songs. The lyrics would later make sense as she completed her debut album called “Silver Bullet.” It’s nothing like any of his father’s songs because she’s anything but country.

Moreover, when she quit her corporate job, she partnered with a pal and gambled on a business. Today, she runs the Goodbuy Girls clothing store, which lies in East Nashville. This 34-year old continues to open for artists and gigs around the regional South.

Shyanne Coe and Carla Coe

Shyanne and Carla are the lesser-known children of David Allan Coe. Their names are prominent in many of their father’s biographies. However, the details of their lives, even their birthdays, aren’t made public.

According to recent reports, DAC’s kids aren’t well-connected to their father. As he married his sixth wife at 71, it’s easy to see that the infamous country singer still desires support. 

Since all of his kids are grown and have managed even without him on their side, there’s only one thing that’s sure. David Allan Coe’s children are there to continue loving the industry that first saved him from his almost-irreparable failures in life.

Have you caught up with any of the Coes’ music recently? Tell us about your favorite ones in the comment section below.


David Allan Coe

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