August 15

Johnny Cash’s Classic Hit “Ragged Old Flag” Makes Us Proud to be American

Johnny Cash is a known music legend because of his major influence on the country music world. The country legend made countless songs that inspired his fans. One stood out among the rest because of its patriotic message and it is called “Ragged Old Flag.

The song was also the title track for his 1974 album Ragged Old Flag. It was his 47th studio album and was released under the major recording label, Columbia Records.

johnny cash, old ragged flag
via Johnny Cash’s official website

Behind Johnny Cash’s “Ragged Old Flag”

We all know of the Watergate Scandal under President Nixon’s era. Johnny Cash was inspired to write a song about this, as he saw the country in shambles. The Watergate Scandal caused former President Nixon to resign and this made the country more politically divided. The track packed a lot of feelings and emotions from the singer as he was seeing his country fall apart.

Many have tried to interpret the song in different ways. They claimed that Cash was trying to question the activities of the government while many believed that it was all about hope. The title specifically says a ragged and old flag, but what does that really mean?

johnny cash, flag
via Johnny Cash’s official Twitter page

What it Means to be an American

The song was cleverly written as it explains why America is a great nation. After all the struggles that it has faced, the country still stands strong. Not only that, but the people are learning from all the experiences we are going through. The flag may be old and ragged, but it still does its job all day.

The song gives hope that no matter what kind of problem America faces, we will get through it as long as we stand up and unite. This Johnny Cash track is very timely in today’s political climate, as we are again divided. We must remember that we are all here, and we are all responsible to protect our nation.

Listen to Johnny Cash’s song here:

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