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On Booze and Going Bonkers: “Whitehouse Road” by Tyler Childers

Tyler Childers Whitehouse Road

Tyler Childers continues to write quality, deep, and meaningful songs, including “Whitehouse Road” from his 2017 album Purgatory.

The album, explained by Childers, conveys the troubles, experiences, and struggles of a young boy growing up to be a fine man. There are, indeed, many things that growing up brings. As what most people refer to today as adulting, some things should be let go for us to grow as a person and move on. That theme inspired Childers to write the album and have Sturgill Simpson produce it.

Meaning Behind the Song

“Whitehouse Road” is one of Tyler Childers’s songs that has a deeper meaning if you look and listen closely.

The track suggests drug use, evident in the song’s lyrics. 

When most of us get up early in the morning to start our day with the bright rays of sunshine, Childers, in the song, somehow is the complete opposite. He starts his day in the evening, 

Moonshine is an alcoholic substance mentioned in the song. Childers drinks the said alcohol and gets higher than his grocery bill. The song says that it is hard to live these days, maybe because of personal or financial struggles, but he still chooses to relish the good feeling the roads bring him. He believes his buddies up Whitehouse Road help him eliminate the problems. Add whiskey and alcohol to the picture, and he forgets many of his thoughts.

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“Whitehouse Road” by Tyler Childers can relate to today’s obstacles, especially in the teenage community. The fact that the track is from his album about growing-up struggles makes it an anthem of battling teenage maturation, letting go of old habits, and acquiring healthier new ones.

Fans and listeners worldwide praise Tyler Childers and his songwriting ability in “Whitehouse Road” because it relates to everyone and has been on repeat because it was a beautifully written masterpiece.

Feel the hype and listen to the song here.