July 2, 2021

Maren Morris Songs That Show How Cleverly Versatile She Is

Since debuting in 2015, Maren Morris songs helped push country music into the 21st century. She has released several hits, won a number of awards, and collaborated with some of the biggest names in the industry. Indeed, she has grown into one of the biggest stars in country music.

But even though her music is grounded in the country, Morris also never missed the opportunity to incorporate elements of pop, R&B, hip-hop, and even rock – making a unique, trendy hybrid that had massive appeal outside her chosen genre. 

Keep on scrolling below and listen to these songs to know what we’re talking about!

1. “My Church”

From: Hero (2016)

Maren Morris gets a lot of songwriting done while she’s behind the wheel, and this includes “My Church,” – which refers to listening to country legends like Hank Williams and Johnny Cash and the simple joys that come with turning up the volume. 

The song took home the Best Country Solo Performance award and earned a Best Country Song nomination during the 59th Annual Grammy Awards.

2. “The Middle”

Non-album Single (2018)

Morris teamed up with Russian-German record producer Zedd and electronic music duo Grey for “The Middle,” wherein Morris sings from the point of view of one-half of a couple fighting. She has gotten tired and frustrated from the bickering that she now demands her man to meet her “in the middle.” 

The song earned several nominations, including Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best Pop Duo/Group Performance during the 61st Annual Grammy Awards.

3. “80s Mercedes”

From: Hero (2016)

It’s pretty rare for a female artist to sing a love song to her car, but that’s what Morris does here – paying tribute to the classic 1980s Mercedes convertible. 

But what’s interesting is that Morris actually does not own a Mercedes Benz, though she had always “loved to have a white convertible like Richard Gere’s in American Gigolo.”

4. “Girl”

From: Girl (2019)

According to Morris, “Girl” was meant to “buck the trend” of the lacking presence of women on country radio after noticing how there have been several titles with the word “girls” in country songs but there were only a few actual girls on the radio. She thought to herself, “I’m a girl, and I’m going to sing about a girl, and I’m the girl.”

5. “I Could Use a Love Song”

From: Hero (2016)

After cutting a number of tracks that are not about love, Morris included this love song in her debut album for her fans to see a different side of her that they haven’t heard before.

“I Could Use a Love Song” finds Morris heartbroken and feeling tired and frustrated about love that she wished she could turn back time. 

6. “Rich” 

From: Hero (2016)

Released as the final single off her debut album, the light-hearted, fun song tells the tale of a woman’s relationship with an unreliable man who makes promises after promises but never ever keeps them. She swears off the guy for breaking her heart repeatedly as she daydreams of having every dime whenever he lies.

7. “Once”

From: Hero (2016)

Morris’ “Once” is a true showstopper. Morris penned the tear-jerking ballad after one random encounter with her former boyfriend’s mother which made her look back at their relationship and hoped he would remember the love they once shared.

8. “Common” 

From: Girl (2019)

Morris recorded “Common” with the help of Grammy Awards-winning singer-songwriter Brandi Carlile. The two talented ladies joined their voices to sing about coming together despite past differences. Indeed, it’s a powerful meditation on the struggle of understanding human relations.

9. “The Bones”

From: Girl (2019)

Morris reflects on strong relationships as she tells a tale of a long-lasting partnership of a couple having been through countless storms together in “The Bones.”

10. “Better Than We Found It”

Non-album Single (2020)

The country singer calls for change in this powerful ballad which touches on injustice, discrimination, harassment, and police brutality. The song was released in solidarity with Black Lives Matter protests that have taken place all over the country. She calls it “a protest song” in this perpetual mourning period.

11. “To Hell & Back”

From: Girl (2019)

Maren Morris’ discography will never be complete without writing one for her husband, Ryan Hurd. The country singer describes “To Hell & Back” as the ultimate love relationship – it’s about accepting the entire picture to really love someone and not ignoring some parts. After all, you can’t completely love a person if you’re sweeping some things under the rug.

12. “Flavor”

From: Girl (2019)

The mid-tempo, groove-heavy track is Morris’ clap back to the critics and haters. Clearly, she’s sticking to that theme of following one’s own path and being true to herself.

13. “Good Woman”

From: Girl (2019)

Morris listed the lengths she’d travel to make sure the happiness of her husband in “Good Woman.” The singer revealed how in the past, she would freak out whenever she felt a lyric was too cheesy – the reason why she rarely writes love songs. But things changed when she married Hurd in 2018, as she started opening up to the idea that “I could say these things honestly without being earnest.”

14. “Line By Line”

From: Dangerous Levels of Introspection (2021)

Maren Morris’ new song is a collaboration with Canadian singer-songwriter JP Saxe. 

With both happily involved in loving relationships, Morris and Saxe wrote the song of how they will never get sick of singing about their muses – especially that some things can only be said through a song.

15. “Make Out with Me”

From: Girl (2019)

To Morris, the song is “pretty self-explanatory.” She wrote the sexy ballad inspired by the drunk voicemails she’d left her husband whenever they were away touring and missing each other.

More Of Maren Morris Songs That Will Steal Your Heart

Truly, cunning versatility is evident in Maren Morris’ greatest hits and her ability to cross over. Here are some more of her songs you need to check out right now.

  • “Drunk Girls Don’t Cry”
  • “I Wish I Was”
  • “Just For Now”
  • “How It’s Done”
  • “Dear Hate”
  • “RSVP”
  • “Bigger Man”
  • “Chasing After You”
  • “Seeing Blind”
  • “All My Favorite People”

These Marren Morris songs undeniably show she’s got the best voice of any country singer working today.


Maren Morris

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