May 22

Laine Hardy Heats Up the Stage with Jon Pardi During the American Idol Finale


Laine Hardy proved that he is America’s rising country/rock star. He collaborated with Jon Pardi, who’s known for his neotraditional style. This was a huge step for Laine’s introduction to the music industry.

Laine Hardy’s performance with Jon Pardi is a banger. Since Pardi is known to be a neotraditional country artist, Pardi is a perfect match for Hardy. They both have that southern tones mixed with the newer style of music.

laine hardy, jon pardi
via Laine Hardy’s Facebook page

Laine Hardy and Jon Pardi Have Good Chemistry

This is the duo we never thought we wanted. They sure proved that this was American Idol’s finale with their performance of Pardi’s two hits.

The duo started the performance with Jon Pardi’s “Dirt on my Boots,” where the two were on top of the stage. The song lasted more than a minute until they transitioned to the next song.

The next performance was another hit of Jon Pardi. They performed “Night Shift,” and during their performance, the two singers let go of their guitars. It was an amazing show, and we can really see that Laine Hardy is holding his own against Pardi.

laine hardy, jon pardi
via Screen grab from Youtube

They jammed with the audience and really made their listeners a part of the performance. At the near end of the song, the judges and audience were really feeling the performance.

Right after the performance, Pardi went on to give a tight hug to the rising star that Laine Hardy is.

Hardy on Being America’s Next Idol

Laine Hardy went head to head with another amazing artist in the person of Alejandro Aranda. They were surely two of the best contestants on the show. But Laine Hardy’s devoted fans showed up more, so he was declared as the newest American Idol. He then debuted his song “Flame” right after being hailed as the new winner.

laine hardy, jon pardi
Amy Sussman, Getty Images

He then went into his official Twitter account and thanked the judges, his fans, friends, and family for the overwhelming support that he got.

This might just be the biggest break that the singer will have so we hope he continues creating music for his fans.

Watch the electrifying performance of this duo here:


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