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Here Are Facts About Martina McBride, One Of The Most Successful Female Artists Of All Time

Martina McBride Facts
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Ever since Martina McBride released her debut album in 1992, she has been unstoppable. She is now one of the most popular and respected women in country music, with multiple No. 1 singles and over fourteen million albums sold. She even earned fourteen nominations from the Grammys and was hailed CMA Female Vocalist of the Year for four times throughout her career.

From time to time, the “Concrete Angel” singer also gives us a glimpse of her personal life and other passions – but there is still more to learn about her. 

So today, let’s go through some facts about Martina McBride. Check them out below.

1. She’s a native of Sharon, Kansas. 

The country star, whose real name is Martina Mariea Schiff, was born on July 29, 1966, to parents Daryl and Jeanne Schiff, who have always been supporters of her musical ambitions, even at a young age.

2. She fell in love with country music at an early age. 

Martina McBride‘s father, who also owns a dairy farm and a local cabinetry shop, was a musician at heart. This is why McBride was exposed to the classics of country music even when she was just a little girl. After school, she would spend hours listening and singing to the records of popular artists, such as Patsy Cline, Connie Smith, Reba McEntire, and so much more.

3. She began performing at the age of nine. 

McBride’s first musical gig was with The Schiffters, a country band her father fronted. Little McBride would perform with the group almost every weekend. As she grew older, her role in the band grew ever more – she went from just singing to also playing the keyboard. 

4. She was once in a rock band. 

After graduating from high school, McBride gained a scholarship at a local college but attended for only one semester after realizing that she was more interested in pursuing a career in music.

She then began performing with the local rock band, The Penetrators, in which they sang into rock singer Pat Benatar’s songs.

5. She met her husband while searching for a rehearsal space. 

In 1987, McBride met her future husband, studio engineer John McBride, who had a rehearsal room for her band to practice in. The two hit it off right away and wasted no time taking their love to the next level. In fact, they were engaged that same year. On May 15, 1988, the couple-in-love got married.

Today, the couple is still head over boots in love, enjoys a stable marriage, and maintains a successful career. John is even the inspiration for some of Martina McBride’s songs.

6. She once sold merch for Garth Brooks. 

In 1990, McBride and her husband moved from their hometown to Nashville, where John got a job as Brooks’ production manager on tour. At the time, McBride was waiting tables and singing demos to make ends meet, but eventually got a job on the tour to travel with her husband – where she ended up selling merchandise for Brooks.

But this opportunity helped McBride break into the country music industry. Brooks was impressed with McBride’s personality and talent, so she told her she could join as his opening act – only if she secured a record deal, which she did. From there, McBride’s career continued to soar to new heights.

7. She also embarked on a cooking career. 

McBride has released two cookbooks so far. Even though the country star admits she has never been to a culinary school, cooking is something she has enjoyed exploring over the years. Her cookbooks comprised recipes she has been making for her family and friends for years and a handful of specialties that have been directly inspired by her family.

She further opened up about her love for cooking on her show, Martina’s Table, which premiered on the Food Network in 2018.

8. She’s a mother of three. 

McBride is a proud mom to daughters Delaney, Emma Justine, and Ava – who are currently pursuing dreams of their own. Delaney, for instance, is a massage therapist while Emma is trying her hand at acting.

The “Independence Day” singer admits that everything changed the moment she decided to become a mom. She even turned down a number of TV opportunities and stepped back from touring to focus on raising her daughters – and there’s no way she would trade it for anything.

“You are shaping little people,” McBride said. “It’s way more important than record sales or any awards or TV shows.”

9. She works with a variety of charities. 

McBride has been an outspoken advocate against domestic violence and served as a spokeswoman for several organizations, including the National Domestic Violence Hotline and National Network to End Domestic Violence, among others.

She also founded the My Time To Shine program, which aims to educate teenagers on healthy relationships.

Well, these facts about Martina McBride truly prove that she’s one of the most inspiring and amazing country artists out there.

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