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Zac Brown Band’s ‘Colder Weather’ Pays Tribute To Truck Drivers

Zac Brown Band's 'Colder Weather'

Zac Brown Band’s ‘Colder Weather’ is a song that touches on a rare demographic. Well, rarely use as an anthem in a song. This 2010 song by the American country band pays tribute to truck drivers who are not on the top three choices for most pieces. But looking at the content, it didn’t seem that it was the first inspiration, yet it evolved into something more meaningful.

Country artists know by now that critics are savage folks. They can make or break a song. For ‘Colder Weather’ though, it looks like reviews are on breakeven.

Rough Route Of ‘Cold Weather’

Songwriter Wyatt Durrette teamed up with his co-members Zac Brown and Coy Bowles to write this emotional piece. Durrette revealed that the song took its first inspiration on him. 

It all started with a girl who lives in Kansas City that took hold of the songwriter’s interest. They liked each other, but geography and timing weren’t working for them. Since Durrette is part of a famous country band, they have live shows everywhere. It didn’t sit right with the girl he likes. She didn’t like this because they couldn’t see each other often, so she asked him to slow down. But he can’t do it. He wasn’t willing to because he can’t give up his dreams for romance, especially a fresh one.

Well, the last straw came when he was supposed to see her a day after playing in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The band was scheduled for some radio guesting in Kansas City, but the radio people canceled. It turned out the heavy downpour of snow was too much. Durrette called her, and unsurprisingly it didn’t go well, so they ended it on the phone. Feeling the sadness, the songwriter walked on the bus and started writing there.

Making the song took longer than expected. He needed more inputs from other songwriters like Levi Lowrey. Coy also helped with the bridge, and Zac polished the piece. They turned the main character into a truck driver who’s in the middle of the winter road. Being constantly on-the-go, his resentment does not have the chance to see his lover because of the bad weather.

The song also holds a special place in the musicians’ hearts. The consequence for pursuing their dreams was away from their family.

Positive and Negative Criticism

There are positive reviews on Zac Brown Band‘s ‘Colder Weather’ song. Country Weekly’s Jessica Phillips commended the piece as being profound. Meanwhile, Eric R. Danton from Hartford Courant described it as sorrowful and solitary. He also mentions how it gives off a feeling of high country crisp nights. But, Slant Magazine’s Jonathan Keefe has a negative remark describing it as inorganic.

Even so, the song received 2x Platinum with over 2,017,000 certified units. It peaked No. 1 on Billboard’s US Hot Country Songs while No. 29 on US Billboard Hot 100. And like other Zac Brown Band songs, listeners need to hear it first before making any judgment.

You can click on the video below to hear ‘Colder Weather.’