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Lynn Anderson Delights Crowd With “Rose Garden” Performance

While country superstar Lynn Anderson had released a number of songs throughout her career, it is still “Rose Garden” that many will first think of when her name pops up. Being one of the classic country artists who had enjoyed quite a long career, beginning in 1966 until her passing in 2015, she was very much well-loved and celebrated as one of the artists who stayed true to the pure country sound.

“Rose Garden:” Lynn Anderson’s 1970 Hit

Penned by Joe South, “(I Never Promised You A) Rose Garden” was first released by Billy Joe Royal in 1967. However, the tune became popular through Lynn Anderson’s vocals three years later.

As it rose to fame in 1970, Anderson’s version of “Rose Garden” entered different charts. In fact, it became a worldwide hit, charting at no. 1 in almost every chart it was in. From the Americas to Europe and to Australia, “Rose Garden” proved that a woman can dominate the world with just one song.

With the success of the song, many other artists attempted to release a cover of it. This includes Kitty Wells, Loretta Lynn, Dottie West, Glen Campbell, Percy Faith, and Carol Burnett. In addition, there were also some who revived the song just recently. They were Martina McBride in 2005 and Debbie Rule in 2015. Through the song, they all gained a considerable amount of success, but it was still Anderson’s version that remains to be the most successful crossover recording of all time.

Anderson Charms the Audience With Her Hit 15 years Later

In 1985, Anderson appeared on Play It Again Nashville. There, she performed her biggest hit, “Rose Garden.” It was notably 15 years after she recorded and released the song. Since then, it became her signature song.

On stage, she comfortably sang her No. 1 hit as the crowd welcomed her with a round of applause. Wearing a sparkly blouse, Anderson dazzled the audience, adoring them to every single beat of the music. What an amazing talent she had and we could not keep our emotions but to miss her more with this kind of performance.

Check out Lynn Anderson and her powerful rendition of her “Rose Garden:”


Lynn Anderson

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