October 21

People Get Old: A Tribute to All Fathers in the World by Lori McKenna

The award-winning country music singer-songwriter Lori Mckenna releases “People Get Old” as a tribute to her dad and all the fathers in the world. Inspired by her diligent father, this song was dedicated to his dad, who raised her and her five other siblings alone after their mom passed away when she was only six years old. This song is part of her album The Tree, which was released in July 2018.

An Album with Lori’s Signature Theme, Family

The Tree, with Lori McKenna‘s lead single, “People Get Old,” is composed of 11 family-themed musical pieces that will surely touch everyone’s heart. This album was inspired by her own experience and overheard experiences of her friends that she knows. It is also her second album in collaboration with Dave Cobb.

A Truly Beautiful and Heartwarming Song

Lori admits that writing a song for her dad is much more difficult than writing a piece for her mom, who passed away a long time ago. But whenever you hear it, we cannot deny Lori Mckenna’s mastery in making heart-touching songs that will fill your heart with inspiration and love. 

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She immortalized her childhood memories with her dad by penning them into a touching single that most of us can easily relate to. She let us remember that everyone is not immune to aging, and we will do things just like what our fathers did when we were young.

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Paying tribute to our dad’s heroic work can be done in many different ways. But for Lori Mckenna, writing the song “People Get Old” is her own way of showing her love and respect for her own father. Thanks to this beautiful song, we have been reminded of what our father did to raise and protect us when we were still young. Now, you can call your Dad and listen together to this tribute song by clicking the video below.


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