February 8

An Entertaining Duet of Two American Soldiers Singing “Three Wooden Crosses”

“Three Wooden Crosses” is a famous song that has encouraged many people to make their version of the song. The song was composed by American Artist Randy Travis in 2002. Randy’s song would eventually reach the top spot of the Billboard Hot Country Song chart and the thirty-first place on the Billboard Hot 100. It paved its way to being the first Country gospel song that had achieved the number spot on the country music song chart.

A specific performance has caught the eyes of many. It was a video uploaded on November 17, 2013, and came from two American soldiers simply having fun singing their version of the song. The song cover would be found on their Youtube channel, “The Whitney and Walker Show.” The video would eventually reach one hundred and twenty thousand views, and plenty of its watchers enjoyed how they sang the song.

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Their portrayal of the song would possess a unique vibe because of the lighthearted way the soldiers acted throughout it. The video would show the two soldiers in their room singing the song, making jokes while the instrumental is playing in the background. It’s a video of two people having a good time covering “Three Wooden Crosses,” which is enjoyable to watch.

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The song would be about the redemption and rehabilitation of the hooker mentioned in the lyrics. It is a journey of lost souls trying to find their purpose in life. The two soldiers did wonderfully in their portrayal of the song from the comments alone while still having fun. The two have made a lasting impression with their version of “Three Wooden Crosses.”

Listen to “The Whitney And Walker Show’s” unforgettable cover of Randy Travis‘ song “Three Wooden Crosses” below.


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