March 6

Randy Travis Sings “Three Wooden Crosses,” A Twist of Faith

There are times when God will put twists and turns in your life. Although most people have certain goals and dreams since childhood, God would sometimes lead you to a different road. Moreover, no matter how grand some parents plan for the future of their kids are, it’s certain that God will put a little twist on it. That’s the work of God, you cannot plan alone on what you want. Also, most people don’t like this change of plans but in the long run, they will be able to realize its importance. The music and entertainment stars like the country music singer Randy Travis is not new to this.

randy travis, three wooden crosses, faith
Photo Credits: Randy Travis/Official Facebook Home Page

Travis’ “Three Wooden Crosses”

Have you ever experienced that scenario wherein God did not approve your plan and made a little twist on it instead? Maybe it’s fair to say that you need to consult God first before doing anything. In line with this, take a look the hit of Randy Travis, “Three Wooden Crosses,” and you will understand how the life of the characters changed as he narrates it.

Randy Travis, Three Wooden Crosses, gospel
Photo Credits: Randy Travis/Official Facebook Home Page

The Best of Randy Travis

This country superstar is multi-talented because he is not just a singer but also a songwriter, actor, and guitarist. Randy Travis started his career in 1978 and has been successful ever since. Furthermore, Travis sold over 25 million records and he is also a recipient of different awards. One of his best achievements is when he was included in the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Country Music Hall of Fame. The most distinct part of Travis is his baritone vocals. Maybe that’s the reason why he is successful in the field of singing and was able to push 50 singles in the U.S. charts. Well, for you to have a taste of his savory voice, listen to one of his hits which also implies a twist of faith, “Three Wooden Crosses.”


Randy Travis

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