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The Story Behind RaeLynn’s “Me About Me”


RaeLynn’ would make you remember your past relationships with her recent single “Me About Me.” 

Singer and songwriter RaeLynn just dropped her latest EP “Baytown” which was named after her hometown in Texas. The EP consists of 6 singles which includes singles “Bra Off” and “Keep Up.” Also included in her most recent EP is her newest single “Me About Me.” 

Personal Yet Not that Personal

RaeLynn’s “Me About Me” had similarities with the other singles that we used to hear from the country singer/songwriter. A style of producing songs inspired by personal experiences, but at the same time, it will not be that personal. RaeLynn confessed that it is a thing that she always struggles with when she is in the process of writing a song. She wanted her songs to be personal enough for her to feel it while singing onstage but at the same time, she wants her listeners to also see themselves as part of the song.

With “Me About Me,” RaeLynn made sure that she would not just be sharing her story, but anyone who may have gone through the same ordeal would be able to relate.

One Sided Love

“Me About Me” tells us a story that anyone who has an experience of a one-sided relationship could easily relate to. After listening to a friend, RaeLynn was led to think about relationships that did not work out because one person is too self-absorbed. As she talked about the newest single, RaeLynn said that most probably than not, girls have dated or encountered a guy who dominantly talks about himself and won’t even bother asking about how the girl’s doing. 

RaeLynn realized that this was something that she needed to write about. At first, she thought that the way the song was written seems to be too personal and it’s best to keep it to herself. But after turning it in, RaeLynn felt how special the song was as per the producers’ feedback. She knew right at that moment that it was a single that everybody could definitely relate to.


RaeLynn’s forthcoming EP “Baytown” is full of sass, grit and was accompanied by her fiery personality. Every song in her new EP was a collaboration with fellow writers such as Bob DiPiero and Jeff Garrison who co-wrote “Me About Me.”