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Men Need Somebody to Rock Their World, so “God Made Girls”

Men Need Somebody to Rock Their World, so "God Made Girls" 1
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In the beginning, there was nothing, then there came the light, lands and seas, animals and plants until the first man was perfectly and carefully crafted by the Master of all living and non-living beings. The first man became the overseer of all that he could ever see, he’s got everything he could ever need. But, something’s missing, there’s an empty place in his humanity that needs to be filled, so God made a woman.

“God Made Girls”

Country rising star RaeLynn emphasizes the significance of women in her song, “God Made Girls.” Though the title alone suggests feminism, the content doesn’t intend to focus on the rising superiority competition among genders. In fact, the song has a sweet innocent nature that will make you appreciate those different things that girls do to make the world go round.

Released on June 30, 2014, RaeLynn co-wrote the song with Nicolle Galyon, Lori McKenna, and Liz Rose, who also wrote some Taylor Swift songs.

Men Need Somebody to Rock Their World, so "God Made Girls" 2
RaeLynn (image from Youtube)

Knowing RaeLynn

Rachel Lynn Woodward became known as RaeLynn in the music industry. Her journey to fame started when she joined The Voice, Season 2 under Blake Shelton’s Team. She was born and raised in Baytown Texas, where she discovered her inclination to music. Currently, she is living happily with his husband, Joshua Davis. With country music and God’s favor, she continues to undergo medication for her diabetes.

Why God made girls

God indeed is the God of perfection as manifested by His creations. He knows what must be, and what needs to be, and fulfills them in His time. While writing this a picture of an unknown woman is flashing in my mind, as I contemplate on the reasons why God women the way they are.

Men Need Somebody to Rock Their World, so "God Made Girls" 3
image from Youtube

That natural compassion that extends when they are in love and love is the most wonderful atmosphere one can ever stay in. Definitely, they are not only made for house stuff, because they can also bravely fight especially for those people they care about.

From childhood to maturity, their beauty blooms even lovelier. They may not be strong enough to build a tall building that shelters people, but they are powerful enough to make you feel secure with their caress and compassion—that’s why God made girls.

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God Made Girls, RaeLynn

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