February 5

Don Williams and Alison Krauss Join For A Velvety Duet In “I Just Come Here for the Music”

Bluegrass fiddler and singer Alison Krauss joined Don Williams for the track “I Just Come Here for the Music.” And it was everything anyone could ask for – two of the genre’s most soothing voices in a  glorious harmony about a sweet love song. 

Meaning Behind the Song

Don Williams brought three country music heavyweights to feature in his 2012 studio album, And So It Goes, which was his first after a very long time. (His last one, My Heart to You, was released back in 2004.) He pulled in Vince Gill for behind-the-scenes, playing electric guitar, and providing background vocals. For duets, he got Keith Urban for “Imagine That” and Alison Krauss for “I Just Come Here for the Music.”

While The Gentle Giant’s collaboration with Urban took an upbeat approach, he went for a ballad with Krauss. 

The track, listed at number 4 on his album, was written by Williams along with John Ramey and Bobby Taylor. It opens with Williams singing about an older man who had a “big ole broken heart,” shyly trying to introduce himself to a woman for the first time in quite a while. And then, as the song progresses, the man shares how he just comes around for the music and to get lost in the sound. 

Then he goes, “I ain’t lookin’ for nobody, but could I buy you one more round?”

For the second verse, Krauss finally joins Williams. She sings of the woman who wants to dance so badly with the man but knows her heart can’t take that gamble. And she doesn’t want to hurt his feelings. It was sweet yet melancholic at the same time, especially with the steel guitar’s slow playing and the six-string’s delicate plucking in the background. 

They then proceeded with the final chorus, ending it with a question: “I just come here for the music, how about you?”

“I Just Come Here for the Music” was a masterpiece of a story – as expected of Don Williams’ songs. And the sound was an undeniable match to his style. Last but not least, Alison Krauss’ voice made it even better. If you haven’t listened to it yet, this is the perfect time. Catch it in the video below. 


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