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Lee Brice’s “Boy,” Song about Emotions Expressed by a Father to his Son

“Boy” is one of a kind, cry a river, song. It depicts a good relationship between a father and a son. Also, the words and lyrics express an emotion of a father towards his son. The song is merely a connection of a father watching his son grow before his eyes. Lee Brice gives a picture of reality between a father devoting his love towards his son.

Posted by Lee Brice on Monday, July 17, 2017

Every father wishes their son to grow up conscientious and ambitious. They are hurt if their sons are wounded. Fathers are sentimental when their sons are emotional. Perhaps, fathers would like to protect their sons at any circumstance.


Nicolle Galyon and Jon Nite pooled resources for the words and lyrics of “Boy.” Lee Brice recorded and released the song on June 19, 2017. In connection, it was part of his fourth studio album entitled “Lee Brice.”

Moreover, Lee Brice always performs “Boy” in his concerts and performances. Every time he performs it, the audience would bring out pictures of their sons. It was the very reason why he chose to record it as a single.

The song is genuinely emotional depicting the care and love of a father towards his son. Because of the message, the song received a good response from the country music obsessives. Also, it peaked at number fourteen on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.


Indeed, “Boy” is an inspiration to every father and son out there. It would remind us of our fathers, too. One of the best relationships is someone having a close tie to his father. And truthfully fathers are overprotective to their sons and their children.

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Boy, Jon Nite, Lee Brice, Nicolle Galyon

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