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Allie Colleen: 10 Surprising Facts About Garth Brooks’ Daughter

Allie Colleen is part of the new breed of millennial country music artists. Everyone’s attention is on her as she’s the only daughter of Garth Brooks to pursue a career in the entertainment industry, just like him. Despite having a famous surname, the newcomer wants to make it big on her own. She’s trailblazing a new twist on the genre and making waves on her own.

She currently has a Top-40 hit song in the guise of “Ain’t The Only Hell (My Momma Raised)” and a Belmont University graduate. The singer is close to her biological mom, Sandy Mahl, and her stepmom, Trisha Yearwood, which contributed to her growth as an artist.

Well, enough with the small talk, let’s dive in and get to know the rising country star, Allie Colleen.

1. Her debut album represents her raw emotions

On April 2, 2021, Allie Colleen officially released her debut album, Stones. It has 11 tracks, with the song “Playin’ House” as the lead single. Moreover, she has put all of her emotions in her album. Unlike her father, though, Allie has her songs on digital singles like iTunes and Spotify.

2. She made a deal with her dad about her music

Parents always have a goal to see their kids graduating from college. And so, it’s not surprising that Garth Brooks has made a deal with his youngest daughter to secure a diploma first before pursuing a music career. Allie agreed and graduated from Belmont University, whom her stepmom, Trisha Yearwood, also attended. The singer actually had her eyes on the university ever since she was in the 8th grade.

3. Allie has a lot of tattoos

The singer loves getting inked. In fact, her arms are covered with beautiful body art that took nearly 60 hours to finish. And that’s not all; she also has 15 other tattoos on different parts of her body. Allie Colleen proves through her inks that she’s a different person from her father, Garth Brooks, who has zero tattoos on his body. But it doesn’t mean Garth is against her covering herself in artistic designs.

4. She’s the youngest daughter of Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks’ daughters have chosen different paths for themselves. Allie Colleen was the youngest among the three girls, with Taylor as the oldest and August as the middle child. Their dad and mom, Sandy Mahl, got a divorce in 2000, and ever since then, there were changes in their routine. Their parents even made a new way to compromise where the girls will get to see each parent every day by switching sides every 6 o’clock.

5. Allie Colleen was named after her grandmother

It looks like her love for music isn’t a coincidence, as it was revealed that she was named after her grandmother, Colleen Carroll. The senior Colleen was a country singer too who was part of Capitol Records in the 1950s. It was also a tribute to her grandma that Garth Brooks chose her name to be part of her youngest daughter’s identity.

6. There are Garth Brooks songs that she likes and dislikes

“When You Come Back To Me Again” was one of her favorite Garth Brooks songs. She likes delicate materials from her father’s records and not necessarily the crowd-favorite ones. An example of a song she dislikes is the hit track “Friends In Low Places.”

7. She’s married

The love bug has bit Allie Colleen early as she’s now married to her childhood sweetheart Jonathan Roberts. Interestingly, her husband popped the question during a Garth Brooks concert while his father-in-law played “She’s Every Woman.” On October 6, 2018, the couple wed at Garth’s estate in a chapel he built together with his friends.

8. She made covers and posts them on YouTube

Before her debut, she has made covers of mainstream songs and posts them on YouTube. Allie first gained followers from her social media accounts and loves singing so much that she shares it on those platforms too.

9. She gets excited over internet trolls

The newcomer exudes confidence like a true country star. When she first started opening her doors to public platforms and connecting with her fans, internet trolls gave her mean comments thinking that would put a roadblock for the aspiring singer. However, Allie reacted oppositely, saying that she doesn’t mind the trolls instead gets excited in proving that they’re wrong.

10. The singer likes hanging out with her friends and family

Before her wedding, she even visited Goat Yoga Nashville and had fun there with her loved ones. Through her social media posts, you can also see she loves hanging out with her friends and having fun nights drinking and bonding together.

Allie Colleen Brooks is someone we can all watch out for. The up-and-coming country singer is a promising young star who not only shows off her family’s roots but her own person too.


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