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What You Can Expect From All Yellowstone Spin-off and Prequel Shows 

Given the success of Yellowstone, it’s no surprise that a few spin-offs and prequel shows will be in the works. So, we’ve come to give you the juicy info about the confirmed ones. 

Fans of the Yellowstone series are in luck because several spin-offs and prequel shows are in the works. Each of them will also give us a different perspective of the Yellowstone universe. They will likely reveal much more about the Dutton family dynasties and their beloved Dutton Ranch

Currently, there are three confirmed spin-offs and prequel shows for the series. They are 1883, 1923, and 6666. They will all come from the creative hands of the one and only Taylor Sheridan, the man behind the success of Yellowstone

1883 already has one season out. However, there’s still no final release date for 1923 and 6666. One thing is for sure, though, as long as Sheridan is behind them, we can all expect it to have the authentic western feel that made us all quickly fall in love with Yellowstone in the first place. 

What We Know of 1883 Thus Far? 

Premiered in December 2021, 1883 is a ten-episode prequel to Yellowstone. Its story follows how the Dutton family founded Dutton Ranch and acquired their lands. 

Wanting to get a fresh start in life, James Dutton, his wife Margaret, and their children, Elsa and John, flee their life of poverty in Tennessee. They make their way to Forth Worth, Texas, where they join a European immigrant caravan heading to Oregon. 

Given how unforgiving the Great Plains can be, the wagon train faced many hardships while they journeyed on it. The Dutton family eventually settles in Montana after an inevitable tragedy strikes them. 

Once there, they established what would later be known as the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. It is also the start of the family’s story at their highly coveted ranch. 

What’s 1923 About? 

1923 is another prequel series for Yellowstone and a follow-up to 1883. It will follow the story of the next two generations of the Dutton family as they tread through life in the early 20th Century. 

The show will deal with people’s problems during that time, such as lawlessness, prohibitions, cattle theft, and drought. All of those things happened during Montana’s great depression, which predates the nation for almost a decade. 1923 will also touch on the end of the first World War, which occurred in 1918. 

Although little information got revealed about the series, it’s believed that Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford will star in the show. There has also yet to be an exact date announced for the release of the series. 

What’s the Story With 6666?

6666 is another show set to join the Yellowstone Universe. The series will follow the story of ranchers working at the historic 6666 Ranch in Texas. It’s a legendary ranch that continues to operate the way it did two centuries ago. 

Apart from being a place for the finest cattle and horses in the nation, it’s also where world-class cowboys are born. The 6666 ranch is a gritty place far from glamorous, where the laws of nature meet the rule of law. 

A fun fact is that Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan, his wife, and an investor group own the real-life ranch. They purchased the historic property in 2021. 

The show is currently under development, and there are no set dates for its release. 

Wait, Sheridan is Planning Two More Prequels?

That is right! On top of all these shows, Sheridan is actually planning two other Yellowstone prequel shows. The man hinted that there would be two potential shows; one is about the Dutton family generation in the 1940s, and the other is about the 1960s generation. 

At this point, it seems Sheridan wants to have a series for every Dutton generation, starting from the 1883 one up to the modern-day. 

There is little info about the possible new shows, but fans assume they would likely show the struggles each generation of Duttons faced on the ranch during their era. Regardless of what the story might be about, fans will surely get a deeper look at the family tree of the Duttons. 

As of now, fans are excited about the 1960s show. They believe it will give them a better glimpse of John Dutton’s grandparents and childhood. Yellowstone fans might finally be able to learn if John had any siblings. 

Ultimately, no Yellowstone fan would complain about getting more prequels or spin-offs, especially if Taylor Sheridan is behind the wheel. His talent for creating engaging and authentic feeling western movies is genuinely remarkable. Many of us would be unable to resist the opportunity to learn more about the Duttons and their generations of struggles to hold on to their beloved Yellowstone Dutton Ranch and lands. 


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