April 17

Blake Shelton Releases His Groovy Rendition of the Song “Footloose”

Trying to remake a classic song puts pressure on many artists. It’s not only that you have to create something similar to the original but, you have to make something as great as it was. In addition, you also have to add your style into it for people to also recognize the originality of your work.

blake shelton footloose kenny loggins
Photo Credit: Blake Shelton/ Jim Wright/ kxii.com

“Footloose” and its Remake

The pressure to recreate the song “Footloose” was laid upon Blake Shelton‘s shoulders. Since there was a remake of the Footloose movie in 2011, the studio also wanted to make a new recording of the song. The most difficult song to recreate is the single “Footloose.”

footloose kenny loggins blake shelton
Photo Credit: Footloose/ broadwayrose.org

Kenny Loggins’ Version

The original version was recorded as one of the soundtracks in the 1984 movie Footloose. Kenny Loggins‘ rendition was released in two versions, the album version, and the single version. The shorter, single version reached number one on the Hot 100 chart. Now, that’s difficult to top. In addition, Loggins’ version entered charts outside of the US too. It reached number one on the Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, and South African charts. Loggins sold millions of copies in the US and UK.

Blake Shelton’s Version

When the studio decided to remake the movie they have invited Shelton to make the cover of the song. Shelton’s version is a bit closer and similar to the original. However, it sounds like more instruments were added to the song. Shelton’s version somehow also made it to the charts. It reached number fifty-three on the country chart and number sixty-three on the pop chart. Moreover, Shelton’s rendition sold about half a million copies. Therefore, it was gold-certified by RIAA.

Here’s Shelton’s version of “Footloose.”

Footloose Movie

The movie focuses on a small town where dancing was forbidden. When a newcomer came to town, he tried to convince his high school classmates and the town to make dancing legal.


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