November 12

Why Conway Twitty’s She’s Got a Single Thing in Mind is Such a Sad Song

Famed country singer Conway Twitty recorded a heartbreaking song in 1989 titled “She’s Got a Single Thing in Mind.” It’s a single from his House on Old Lonesome Road album. Acclaimed songwriter Walt Aldrige wrote the song for Twitty.  

The song was one of the last Conway Twitty singles that reached the Billboard Chart’s top 10. “She’s Got a Single Thing in Mind” placed 2nd on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart and 4th on the Canadian Chart. 

What makes the song a sad one? Well, the song shares the story of a man that knows his woman perfectly. The lyrics reveal he is aware that the woman he loves has already fallen out of love with him. Even more painful is that he found out because he knew her so well.  

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The woman doesn’t say anything about it, but he notices the truth through how she looks at him and makes him feel. The song reveals that the man knows she is leaving him, and he’s only waiting for her to say it. 

Conway Twitty’s “She’s Got a Single Thing in Mind” is a fantastic song with a painful message. Perhaps it’s because of the song’s heartbreaking story that many people can relate to it quickly. After all, many of us know how painful an experience it can be to realize that the person you love can no longer return the same feelings to you. 

Someone that’s been through that is usually left wondering how they can go through life without their love and what they’ll do with the feelings still inside their heart. If you are in the mood for some sad but relatable songs, then “She’s Got a Single Thing in Mind” by Conway Twitty is a must-listen. You can do that right now, too, by clicking here. 


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