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“Hurt” is The Saddest Yet Multi-Awarded Record of Johnny Cash


"Hurt" is The Saddest Yet Multi-Awarded Record of Johnny Cash 1
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When country legend Johnny Cash recorded Hurtin February 2003, little did we know that that would be his last. Seven months later, Cash died. It’s already been 15 years since the record was made and Cash left. But watching the music video, which won several awards, still saddens us as missing one of our favorite country stars is inevitable. Nonetheless, Cash left us with a priceless bequest and it’s only appropriate that people from the music industry give him the honor he deserves.

“Hurt” was a Nine Inch Nails original record written by one of the band’s members, Trent Reznor. Upon hearing of Cash covering his famous song, Trent’s initial reactions were both flattery and worrisome. Given the sensitive content of the song, Trent feared it would attract public attention if the likes of Cash is going to cover it. But after watching the sensational music video, Trent can’t be more impressed with Cash’s interpretation. He was all praises to him and even admitted that the country icon’s cover was way better than his.

The Multi-Awarded Record    

Prior to his death, Cash’s cover of “Hurt” received six nominations at the 2003 MTV Music Video Awards. The Folsom Prison Bluessinger became the oldest artist to be nominated for such award. Accordingly, his music video won the Best Cinematography title. Also, at the Country Music Association Awards, held on November 2003, around 5,000 personalities from the association voted “Hurt” for Best Single and Video. It then won the Best Video of the Year both from CMA Awards and Grammy Awards. Likewise, NME named it the best video of all time. In 2011, Times included the remarkable music video on its list of The 30 All-Time Best Music Videos.

Rick Rubin, the song’s producer has since considered the video as Johnny Cash’ historical document.

“I cried the first time I saw it. If you were moved to that kind of emotion in the course of a two-hour movie, it would be a great accomplishment. To do it in a four-minute music video is shocking.”

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