We can find or have someone who will be there for us when we need them. We can count on them when we are in trouble, and they can also make us feel good when we are sad. But, what if that person is gone? What if they have no time for you? Who’s going to help you?

Merle Haggard presents us with a comforting gospel song that will reassure us that we have someone out there who always cares for us.

The Making of “Take My Hand Precious Lord”

“Take My Hand Precious Lord” is a song penned by Thomas A. Dorsey which now became a popular gospel song. The tune of the song was based on the hymn “Maitland.” Dorsey’s inspiration behind the song was based on a tragic experience in his life. The heartbreaking death of his wife and son made him write about the pain he felt.

thomas a dorsey merle haggard take my hand precious lord

Photo Credit: Thomas A. Dorsey/ The Black Art Depot

However, isn’t it amazing that instead of Dorsey getting mad at God, he draws closer to Him? It is difficult to not get angry especially when one’s loved one dies. It takes courage and faith to depend on God when times like this happen.

Merle Haggard’s Recording

In 1999, Haggard released his album Cabin in the Hills, an all-gospel album. Cabin in the Hills included traditional gospel songs mostly covered by other artists. One of the songs in his album is “Take My Hand Precious Lord.”

Merle Haggard take my hand precious lord

Photo Credit: Merle Haggard/ Official Facebook Page

The album didn’t make it to the Billboard chart. In fact, only one song of Haggard scored a spot on the Country chart, Songs for the Mama that Tried.

The Song’s Message

If you feel that something is weighing you down, remember that God will always be there for you when you need Him. “Take My Hand Precious Lord” shows us that even if life is difficult like what the narrator of the song has experienced, he believes that God has the power to take away all the pain. Therefore, he leans on God.