January 11

Anne Murray Needs A Million Miracles To Stop The Pain in “Broken Hearted Me”

In 1979, Anne Murray released her rendition of “Broken Hearted Me” as the first single off her fourteenth album, I’ll Always Love You.

The song reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart and was a crossover success as it reached the No. 12 spot on US Billboard Hot 100. Meanwhile, the song spent five weeks on the top spot of Billboard US Adult Contemporary. The song was Murray’s third chart-topper for that year. 

It achieved the same success in Murray’s home country, Canada, reaching No. 1 both on Canada RPM Country Tracks and Canada RPM Adult Contemporary and also peaking at No. 15 Canada RPM Top Singles.

Sixteen years later, Murray recorded a version of the song in Spanish, and it was released on vinyl and eventually on CD.

When Your Heart Gets Broken All Apart

 “Broken Hearted Me” was written by Randy Goodrum, who also wrote Murray’s biggest hit, “You Needed Me.” It was originally recorded by England Dan & John Ford Coley the same year Murray did for their album Dr. Heckle and Mr. Jive.

This song tells the tale of a woman who finds herself hurting from a love that has ended to the extent that she no longer thinks she will ever recover.

“But I don’t think time is gonna heal this broken heart. No, I don’t see how it can if it’s broken all apart. A million miracles could never stop the pain or put all the pieces together again. No, I don’t think time is gonna heal this broken heart. No, I don’t see how it can while we are still apart,” the song goes.

Indeed, heartbreaks are certainly not easy – no matter what circumstances you are in and no matter who left first. Perhaps we think ending a longer relationship is always more difficult, and the longer relationships often have the most in-depth and terrible heartbreaks. But smaller heartbreaks can also take their toll. Losing what could have been is much more difficult to face than losing what was.

In spite of everything, every heartbreak is enough to pull you apart. Every heartbreak hurts. Losing someone, no matter in what capacity, will never be a pleasing experience. And Murray was able to express all that pain in “Broken Hearted Me.”

You can listen to the song in the video below.


Anne Murray, England Dan & John Ford Coley

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