June 11

Don Moen Sings a Worship Song “Heal Me O Lord”

Don Moen’s Song

Heal Me O Lord, Don Moen
Photo Credit: Don Moen/ youtube.com by Screengrab

“Heal Me O Lord” is a worship song recorded by Don Moen. It is a song asking God for his guidance and power. Moreover, this song is sung in Christian churches in praising the Almighty God.

This song is also used in order to let God enter our lives and let Him fix our crooked life.

From its title “Heal Me O Lord,” it already shows what the song talks about. Healing, in its sense, is a process of making wherein the narrator of the song is asking God to make his/her life better.

The Song’s Theme

Heal Me O Lord, Don Moen
Photo Credit: Don Moen/ youtube.com by Screengrab

Prayer is defined as an act of communication towards God. Praying to God can be performed alone or in groups. We have many ways on how we pray and worship God. Others visit the church every Sunday to thank God for the wonderful week they had while some just stay at home and pray to God.

God does not require everyone to be in perfect order to get closer to Him. Instead, He accepts everybody who will never be ashamed to tell Him all of his/her sins. However, that does not end there. We need to learn from our mistake and never do it again.

Though God gives us unending chances, we must not take that as an advantage to forget Him. The best way is to pray and thank Him for every blessing He gives in our lives.

No one knows the pain we are feeling right now, but there is someone who sees everything that happens in our lives and that is God. We may not notice Him, but God watches us in everything we do. So, before we open ourselves to God, he already knows what is inside of us.

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Don Moen, Heal Me O Lord, Worship Song

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