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Don Moen Sings “Give Thanks With A Grateful Heart” to the Lord

Don Moen’s Song

Don Moen Give Thanks
Photo Credit: Don Moen/ youtube.com by Screengrab

Give Thanks With A Grateful Heart” is a praise and worship song recorded by Don Moen. The song was originally written by Henry Smith. Moreover, it then released in 1986 as a single from Moen’s album, Give Thanks.

Smith suffered from an eye infection and led him to go legally blind but that did not hinder him from writing the song. Perhaps he wrote this song as a dedication to God saying that he still trusts Him and was still blessed for everything he has.

Also, the song has caught the attention of the record company Integrity Music which is known for their worship songs under Hosanna! Music.

Don Moen was working with Hosanna! Music when he recorded this song. He sang the song during their worship service held at their church. This is also one of the best selling albums released by the Hosanna! Music.

The album was produced by Tom Brooks and has sold millions of units worldwide. Moreover, this album became one of the most successful songs released by Moen.

“Give Thanks With A Grateful Heart” has been recorded by some music artists and was published in songbooks worldwide. That is why the song became more popular with country fans.

When Smith heard the song he penned, he immediately contacted the label to give credit for his work.  So for all the songs released, record producers give credits to his name.

In addition, the song was listed in the number 11 known hymn books.

The Song’s Theme

Don Moen Give Thanks
Photo Credit: Don Moen/ youtube.com by Screengrab

“Give Thanks With A Grateful Heart” is a song that focuses on Thanksgiving and giving thanks to the Lord. The song is also used by the Catholic community in their Thanksgiving celebrations.

Give thanks with a grateful heart
Give thanks to the Holy One
Give thanks because He’s given Jesus Christ, His Son
And now let the weak say, “I am strong”
Let the poor say, “I am rich
Because of what the Lord has done for us”

The lyrics show how we should give thanks to the Lord for everything he has done for us.

Always remind yourself that you have the most powerful living God, so you do not have to worry about the things that are coming into your life because you will never fail the battle for you are with Him.

The Video

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