August 2, 2019

The Ashley Sisters, Our Newest Country Sister Duo

The Ashley sisters are very new to the country music community. We have already been introduced to the country duo, the Judd Sisters and the Davis Sisters. It is about time to get to know another country duo that we will all love. 

The two are currently working on their YouTube series. It is reported that their show will revolve around their lives in and out of music. The viewers will also see some behind the scenes from the Ashley Sisters. 

ashley sisters, country

Ashley Sisters’ Track List

Since they are relatively new to country music, the two have only released three songs. Their first song “Sweet on You” was released last year. It revolves around a teen girl having a secret crush on her best friend. The teen girl can’t admit her true feelings because she can’t risk their friendship. 

The second song that they released was “Reckless.” This is where their outlaw country vibe comes in as we can see a girl being independent. It may seem reckless to be out there alone but that is what the song entails. The two have only released two songs from 2018, but they look promising. If they stick to their outlaw country and improve on their craft, we will surely be hearing more from them in the future. 

ashley sisters, country
via The Ashley Sisters’ official Twitter page

What is next for the Sisters?

The Ashley sisters came up to the scene with the use of their social media promotions. On this day and age, we discover talents with the help of the internet, and upcoming artists use this platform to showcase their talent. The Ashley sisters will now be focusing on their YouTube series and we could only hope for more music from these two. 

They have also released their latest track “Crush.” 

Check it out now:

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