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Luke Combs Sings About Letting Someone Go in “Going, Going, Gone”

On October 24, 2022, Luke Combs released “Going, Going, Gone” as a single from his album Growin’ Up

This heart-wrenching yet addictive song has won over both fans and country radio, proving to be a clear favorite. It resonated with many listeners that it climbed all the way to the top of Billboard’s Country Airplay chart. 

It marked the 15th consecutive solo No. 1 single in Combs’s career, making him one of the country artists with the longest consecutive No. 1 streak since his debut. It also enjoyed crossover success, peaking at No. 23 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Meaning Behind The Song

Written by Luke Combs alongside Ray Fulcher and James McNair, “Going, Going, Gone” tells the story of a man who falls in love with a free-spirited girl. She follows her own path, and there’s no way anyone can stop her. 

The man can’t help but compare her to things in life that are hard to tie down, like lightning in the sky, fireworks in July, a runaway southbound train, Arizona desert rain, and more. He knows it won’t be long until he finally loses her.

Interestingly, Combs said the “Going, Going, Gone” was inspired by the riff-based song “Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman – which he frequently covers during live concerts and eventually officially released his version as part of his album Gettin’ Old.

“I’ve always loved how that riff… the second it gets played, you know what song it is, and you love it,” Combs said about Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car.” “I wanted to try to create something that was my own version of that.”

Get in on the heartfelt vibes of “Going, Going, Gone” by Luke Combs! Hit play below and dive into this emotional journey through music.


Luke Combs

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