June 20

Amarillo Sky: All Praying Farmers’ Ditty

“Lord, I never complain, I never ask why
Please don’t let my dreams run dry
Underneath, underneath this Amarillo sky.”
Amarillo Sky: All Praying Farmers’ Ditty 1

God bless all Farmers!

You can say that again.

Farmers were integral in the building up of a nation. Investing their blood and sweat on top of monetary capital, they feed billions of people worldwide. Sadly, farming is an occupation that’s often understated.

Though born in the city, my grandparents raised me in farm life. Helping out was pure fun as a child. It’s when you became an adult that you realize how hard it is to make a sustainable profit with this kind of occupation. And with the economy down, prices for farmer’s crops always plummet.  Though an honorable job, it’s not surprising that many of these farmers’ sons are seeking more lucrative jobs. This trend is alarming. Far be it that in the latter years, farming will become non-existent!

Amarillo Sky: All Praying Farmers’ Ditty 2

Amarillo Sky

Songwriting, Inspiration, and Reception

Considering “Amarillo Sky‘s” timeliness and relevance to every American farmer, it’s not surprising for it to be platinum certified by the RIAA on July 23, 2013.

Prior to that, it has also earned nominations for ACM’s Song of the Year and its music video the Music Video of the Year. Upon its release in June 2006, the song swiftly rose to popularity and landed 4th on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs.

Amarillo Sky: All Praying Farmers’ Ditty 3

From Country band McBride & the Ride (2002), Jason Aldean’s version is a dedication to America’s “future farmers.” A rising star back in 2006, Jason Aldean has a lot to thank this song for as it sky-rocketed his fame.

Penned by Big & Rich’s Big Kenny and John Rich, the song was brought to life in the music video by featuring real young farmers of rural Illinois. That was director Wes Edwards’ idea. The filming concept was rewarded with its nomination for CMT Award’s Best Direction.

Amarillo Sky: All Praying Farmers’ Ditty 4

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