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“Love Will Keep Us Alive”: If It Isn’t, Then What Is?

"Love Will Keep Us Alive": If It Isn't, Then What Is? 1


Many would say, it is not about the material things that make us live every day, but it is what the naked eye doesn’t see. Faith, hope, happiness, and love — these are just some of the most important things God has given humanity. Love, to be specific, is invisible to the eye, but is deeply felt through the heart. Whilst some songs talk about romance, heartbreak and the like, “Love Will Keep Us Alive” as recorded by the Eagles has come for a bit different message saying, “There’s no more emptiness inside. When we’re hungry, love will keep us alive.” How true is this?

The song that will keep you alive

Written by Jim CapaldiPaul Carrack, and Peter Vale, “Love Will Keep Us Alive” is a song first recorded by the Eagles in 1994. It was performed during their Hell Freezes Over reunion tour, with lead vocals by bassist Timothy B. Schmit.

According to some sources, this song was written when Carrack, Capaldi, and Schmit were planning to form a band with Don Felder and Max Carl during the late eighties or early nineties. The band had the working name of Malibu Men’s Choir. This never materialized, so Schmit proposed the song for the Eagles’ reunion album. According to Felder, they sent demo tapes to the Eagles manager, Irving Azoff, who rejected it as not good enough. Felder thought it ironic that the Eagles would later record one of those rejected songs.

The song was never formally released as a single in the US, and thus was not eligible to appear on the Billboard Hot 100 under the rules then in place. Nevertheless, it did spend three weeks at no. 1 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart in early 1995. In addition, it reached no. 22 on Billboard’s Hot 100 Airplay chart. In the United Kingdom, “Love Will Keep Us Alive” was issued as a single, and peaked at no. 52 on the UK Singles Chart.

Reflection: Love is not only what keeps us alive

Having a taste of the lyrics of the song alone gives a message of romantic love. It suggests that the lives of both the lovers depend on the love that they build. Much more, the feeling of a romantically attached. However, as much as I would love to agree with the songwriter, I see that there’s a flaw. Just loving the person doesn’t guarantee a fairytale-ish “happy-ever-after” ending.

We couldn’t be more grateful for the gift of love — a gift from God, a gift for mankind. From my perspective, love,  just like gold in its purest form is too soft to be used for jewelry. Hence, it needs to be mixed with other metals to produce an alloy, which is more useful and flexible. Similarly, love doesn’t work out a relationship alone. Much more, it doesn’t entirely give us everything we need to keep us alive. Coupled with hard work, faith, and responsibility, only then love becomes stronger and more meaningful. What else do you think?

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Love Will Keep Us Alive, The Eagles

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