July 12

The “Family Bible” and Three of its Greatest Versions

The world would be different if every family has a family Bible. If parents read the Bible to their children before they go to bed each night, things would be entirely different. Let’s take a look at the song “Family Bible.” It tells us that despite all the troubles in the world or its imperfections when a family sits down and talks about God, life becomes simply good. Don’t we all want that?

Willie Nelson’s Inspiration Behind the “Family Bible”

Willie Nelson, the man behind the country gospel “Family Bible,” wrote the song based on his childhood experience. He said that when he was young, he remembers his grandmother reading the Bible to them after supper. She also sings the traditional hymn “Rock of Ages.”

“Family Bible” inspires people to be drawn closer to God. Moreover, it tells us that by reading the Bible with your family, you can form a wonderful and strong bond together.

Song Crediting

When the song was first recorded by Claude Gray, Nelson wasn’t credited as the songwriter of the song. Maybe it’s because he sold the rights of it to Paul Buskirk. Eventually, he was recognized to be the writer of the song. The reason why Nelson sold it was that he was broke.

Claude Gray’s and Willie Nelson’s Version

Claude Gray‘s rendition reached number ten on the country chart. After the success of his single, Nelson also decided to cover the song. His recording reached number ninety-two on the country chart.

Claude Gray

Willie Nelson

George Jones’ Rendition Entered the Chart

George Jones also made Nelson’s song enter the Billboard Chart. His rendition appeared on his album 1967 album Cup of Loneliness. Before Jones included the song on his album, he first released it as a single in 1961.

Check out the “Family Bible” in George Jones’ versions.


Claude Gray, George Jones, Willie Nelson

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