September 28

Reba McEntire Shares Her Come to Jesus Moment Amidst Divorce and Work Issues

Sometimes, things in life wouldn’t always go the way you wanted it to go. And these are the ‘sometimes’ that life is going to teach you to go the hard way around where the peak of defeat gives you the feeling that everything you’ve worked for will come crashing down in a single instant.

We’ve all been in there, but one of the most iconic stars in country music, Reba McEntire, has her own ways of doing things and its outstanding, admirable and relieving.

Standing at the Pinnacle of Defeat

Remember when Reba McEntire got a divorce with her ex-husband Narvel Blackstock in 2015 after more than 26 years of marriage? Apparently, for Reba, that’s when all her demons piled up and were ready to consume her sanity with her personal life going nuts, and her career hitting corners. What she readily admits and made plain though is that she is never the one who wanted the divorce. But just like the rest who were divorced, she had no choice but to move on and move forward.

In her latest podcast episode of ‘Living & Learning With Reba McEntire’, titled ‘Forging Your Own Path,’ the country legend expressed courage through vulnerability. She shared how she started forging her own path again when she found herself at the pinnacle of defeat. She would ask herself, ‘Okay, kid, how are you gonna handle this?’

Adding salt to injury, its also the time where Reba McEntire’s last strings of hope snapped on her, her company, and her career left her hanging in the middle of her personal crisis. In the podcast, Reba let it out with a laugh, once again asking herself, ‘What the hell am I gonna do?’

A Courageous Conqueror

But in order to fix these anomalies, Reba McEntire has to speak to her professional team. And this step of courage from her actually became her beam of hope to walk onwards to the future. In the meeting, she got invited by a member of her team to attend some sort of what she likes to call a ‘Come to Jesus’ meeting. At that moment, she gathered what she needed, temporarily put her feelings aside, and took a leap of faith.

“It was forging a path that I didn’t want any part of, but I had to do it … and so, it was Catch Up 101,” Reba said. “I had to learn so much that was dumped on my lap. But I think it’s made me appreciate the business more. I’ve learned a lot. There I was again, forging another part of the territory I never even thought I would have to be involved in.”

After the event in 2015, she announced publicly the split between her and Blackstock. In December that year, beneath the photo of her professional team being with her during her hard times, comes with an announcement that on that 28th of October, the divorce between her and her ex-husband has been finalized. As for the country singer, she’s ready to move forward, anticipating the new road she has forged for herself.

In life, things come and go, and sometimes, they are the people or the career we cherish the most. But for Reba McEntire, it’s inevitable that she found something worthwhile despite losing everything in a one-fell-swoop. She found another emotional and mental support that will definitely be with her in all eternity.


Reba McEntire

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